Boost Your Brand: Learn from Broulim's​

How to Boost Your Store’s Brand, Reputation, and Bottom line

A quick google image search in the summer of 2015 led to a meme generator image asking “What if there’s more to Rexburg than Broulim’s?”. For the 95-year-old Rigby, Idaho grocer the brand across their 10 stores and communities was intense and strong. With a move to increase their brand, their market share, and their bottom line, Broulim’s added online shopping for both instore pick-up and home delivery in August of 2015.

Since then they’ve added four additional locations and have been widely recognized as a leader in both branding of their service, Broulim’s Fresh Foods Online, and the profitability of their eCommerce service.

Broulim’s is one of the first retailers in the country to look at adding an online store as akin to adding an additional physical store. In 2012 they opened their 9th location in Alpine, Wyoming. The opening includes a series of coming soon moments including ground-breaking and now hiring. They continued the marketing fanfare with the grand opening, ribbon cutting, ad campaign, in-store specials, food samples, and demos. They recognized the power of marketing and when it came time to launch their eCommerce service they went in with the same excitement and fervor to make their message loud and clear.

"Broulim's Online extends our guest service and our customer service. It is a personalized delivery. We could have chosen to have someone else deliver the groceries, however, we wanted it to be an extension of our brand. So our people, our members are the ones who take the groceries. They are picking the items, the best we have to offer and taking them to the guest's home and delivering them with a personal touch. I really feel it is a personalized part of our business."
Scott Zahrn, Sales Manager
Broulim's Fresh Foods, Rigby, Idaho

Broulim’s hired Rosie to assist with many aspects of their marketing launch. This included a substantial customized Facebook campaign for the Rexburg market, email marketing, YouTube pre-roll production and ads, digital display ads, local media online campaigns, and search engine marketing. The precision digital marketing helped Broulim’s quickly reach over 300 orders per month in Rexburg, a small town of just 26,520 people.

Broulim’s launched their second online store in conjunction with the opening of their 10th store located in Ammon, Idaho, a suburb of Idaho Falls. This new store tapped into the desire for a locally owned provider of fresh, prepared, and center store items. Each of these also translated to Broulim’s Fresh Foods Online powered by Rosie. Once again Rosie’s marketing team was enlisted to support the online opening and quickly the community in and around Ammon and Idaho Falls embraced Broulim’s Online.

As time progressed Broulim’s became interested in leveraging for the first time ever a series of customer testimonial videos to push both word-of-mouth and create buzz for their business. In May of 2016 five customers of Broulim’s Online provided first person stories to a production team hired, managed, and directed in-person by Rosie marketing services. These interviews were converted into both 15 second spots and a 4 minute web video.

From September 6, 2016 to September 21, 2016, Rosie’s marketing services team, on behalf of Broulim's, launched a video marketing campaign to engage their communities, relay the convenience of grocery shopping online, and to get their audience excited about trying the service.

The campaign consisted of both Facebook posts and traffic ads, YouTube pre-roll ads and email campaigns. The fifteen second customer testimonials were released first, one by one via an email campaign with corresponding Facebook and YouTube ads. Each ad included messaging and a call-to-action to stay tuned for the big reveal. At the end of the campaign, the four minute promotional video was released via an email blast to 4,263 customers.

Video is one of the most effective marketing tactics to spread awareness and drive engagement on social media. Additionally, documenting real customers talking about using the service and how and why it has changed the way they shop allows potential customers to relate and feel inclined to use the service themselves. The four minute promotional video was impactful because customers were able to see and hear from the grocery experts who pick all their fresh produce, meats, and deli items by hand.

Broulim's Fresh Foods Online Shopping eCommerce Management Team and RosieApp's Marketing Services department planned, coordinated and executed this campaign together. The teams contacted Broulim's Online customers who had used the service several times and asked them to participate in customer testimonial videos and also invited store owners, managers and employees to participate in the promotional video. Then, RosieApp's Marketing Director and a production team flew to Idaho to film the customers in their own homes and with their families. The production company converted the raw video into relatable, informative, and engaging clips. From there, Rosie Marketing Services implemented a two week long digital campaign on behalf of Broulim's Fresh Foods. The campaign included Facebook engagement and traffic ads, YouTube pre-roll ads, and email marketing campaigns.

During the two week long video campaign, Broulim's Fresh Foods Online Shopping saw a significant increase in awareness of the service, user signups and order flow. The campaign gained nearly 150,000 online impressions and over 1,100 clicks through Facebook and YouTube. Over 850 email subscribers opened marketing emails promoting Broulim's Online Shopping with customer testimonial videos. Broulim's saw a combined online revenue increase of 21% from August to September across the Sandcreek and Rexburg locations, the two locations promoted in the video marketing campaign.

Additionally, the two locations collectively had 109 new users sign up, representing a 91% increase over August and the most signups in a single month since March. These new users were effectively converted with 126 first-time orders in September, representing a 91% increase over August and the most first-time orders in a single month since March.

Finally, in mid-February 2017 the National Grocer’s Association awarded the campaign “Hear from Customers Like You, Broulim’s Fresh Foods” in the Connections through Social Media and Digital Marketing category a Creative Choice award. Additionally, this campaign was selected out of the top ten supermarket industry marketing awards of 2016 as the Outstanding Marketing Program of the Year.

Broulim’s continues to make use of this valuable content asset to help them extend their brand, their reputation, and their bottomline.

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