#ICYMI: WFIA Retailers, IGA’s John Ross, and Nick Nickitas Discuss the Future of Ecommerce

#ICYMI: WFIA Retailers, IGA’s John Ross, and Nick Nickitas Discuss the Future of Ecommerce

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with members of the Washington Food Industry Association (WFIA) to discuss how ecommerce continues to impact grocery business. Several Rosie retailers shared their day-to-day experiences, followed by an insightful discussion with John Ross, CEO of IGA, the largest group of independent grocery retailers worldwide.

At the national level, industry giants have been investing more and more into ecommerce, with Kroger seeing a 92% increase in online sales in Q1. Independent retailers have also seen the numbers spike: IGA operator Dave Weber and Vashon Market IGA owner Shawn Hoffman discussed why they chose to implement an ecommerce solution pre-COVID-19 and what tools most impacted their day-to-day.

Q: Why do you see ecommerce as essential to your business?
A: Think of it as your second storefront. An online shopping platform is a window shopping opportunity for first-time customers who can browse through your inventory: safely and conveniently.
Q: Why did you choose Rosie?
A: Rosie is here for the local retailers, the family-run businesses that are a staple within their community. That shows commitment to the needs of the independent grocer. The second reason? Enthusiasm. Their team is always thinking ahead and building towards the future.
Q: What ecommerce tools have allowed you to scale your business?
A: Switching from paper pick lists to a scan gun with Chromebook has made a huge impact as a busy multi-store operator. Using the point of sale injection system to bypass the checkout stand has also helped with efficiency.
Q: What advice do you have for retailers considering online shopping?
A: Rosie will walk you through every step of the onboarding process, but it is important to have a team member that is dedicated to the project and learning the platform. You also need to invest the right amount of time into onboarding. Get aisle locations and product data as accurate as you can early on to save time in the long run.

Successful independent retailers are harnessing their online platform as a digital branding opportunity and a time-saving mechanism. Regardless of location or number of stores, independent retailers from coast to coast are relying on ecommerce to grow their business.

Thank you to our panelists:

  • Shawn Hoffman, Vashon Market IGA, with Rosie since 2018
  • Dave Weber, IGA, with Rosie since 2019
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