Meet Andrew Sich

Meet Andrew Sich

In 2020, Rosie hit several important goals: launching a fresh and modern online shopping experience with Shop and boosting product offerings with Cater, adding bright new talent to our team, and exceptional growth and expansion among our retailer partners.

The masterminds behind this last goal are the members of our sales team, who made incredible strides by signing new partners all across the country. To applaud this goal, we sat down with the newest Rosie sales team member, Andrew Sich, to share what it was like joining a sales team during a pandemic and what their team is most looking forward to this year.

You joined the Rosie sales team in September. What was it like diving into an industry that dramatically changed overnight?

It was exciting to join an industry that is changing so rapidly, and one that touches us all. Initially, I had a fear of the unknown since it was a new industry for me. During my interview process though, Nick’s enthusiasm really sold me. When I started, I felt a bit like a kid from a small town entering a Big 10 university as a freshman since there was so much to learn and absorb right out of the gate. But as a seasoned sales professional, I found my footing by dialing in on the fundamental consultative skills I’ve built over the last few decades.

The sales team hit some really impressive milestones this year. What kept you motivated?

I’m the type of guy to put on a pot of coffee, roll up my sleeves, and move through. Encouragement from my team has been critical, especially in the form of feedback on demos and other customer interactions. One tool I use to help me understand the industry perspective is LinkedIn, which satisfies my intellectual curiosity and enables me to stay abreast of rapidly changing trends and movement in the marketplace.

Instacart is a main player in the space, but what is your 30 second elevator pitch as to why independent retailers should choose Rosie?

Here at Rosie, we promise full control over the customer relationship. We’re providing you the tools to create a highly personalized, retailer-controlled experience where you decide how to nurture your customer relationships and translate your in-store experience online. Additionally, our #1 goal is to grow incremental revenue for your store, so we provide you with the fundamentals to scale your business as needed and establish a strong online brand that strengthens the direct customer relationship.

What are three items in your Rosie cart right now?

I’ve always got Smucker’s Natural Creamy Peanut Butter (skip the gym workout by stirring the jar!), bulk popcorn for the Whirley popcorn maker, and all the ingredients you need to make a classic Dad sandwich: cold cuts and cheddar cheese.

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