Meet Claire McDonald

Meet Claire McDonald

You’ve read all of Rosie’s blog posts, emails, and Rosie Reports. Have you ever wondered about the woman behind the curtain? Today we’re shining our spotlight on Claire McDonald, Content Marketing Associate, who brings Rosie to life through our communications and written content. We sat down with Claire to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to contribute to the voice of Rosie.

Wow! You’ve almost reached your one-year work anniversary with Rosie! Thinking back to your first day, how has Rosie changed your experience in marketing?

What’s changed the most since I started with Rosie is how I think about the audience I’m writing for. Before Rosie, I was more focused on getting the message out, rather than considering how to frame our message to those we’re trying to reach. Asking myself questions like, “what do our retailers care about?” is something I do with every piece of content. It’s been a pleasure speaking with our retailers, so I use those points of contact to better understand what’s going to connect with them.

How would you describe content marketing and how does it work?

Content marketing is a little different than what most people think of when they hear marketing, like TV commercials and advertisements. With Rosie's content marketing, we are sharing information and generating interest through written content and stories. We try to explain our benefits and helpful tips through long-form pieces, like blog posts and case studies, and shorter ones, like emails and the Rosie Report. Our content is designed to engage our retailers and explain the reasons others should choose Rosie.

You write Rosie’s blog posts, case studies, and emails, including the Rosie Report. How do you think about Rosie’s voice and how we communicate important information to retailers?

Rosie’s voice is casual and conversational. We want our retailers to understand we have their backs and want to help them to succeed. Since I don’t come from a background in tech, I first need to wrap my head around what we’re communicating so I know our retailers will get it too. If we can effectively communicate Rosie’s features to our retailers and get them just as excited as we are, then we’ve done our job.

What is in your Rosie cart right now?

I love to cook. My cart is filled with the ingredients I need to make one of my favorite weeknight meals: cauliflower, green beans, and cherry tomatoes. These are for my herb crusted cauliflower steaks, which we eat almost every week.

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