Meet Dan Intriligator

Meet Dan Intriligator

As a tech company, Rosie has brought together some of the best and brightest when it comes to designing and developing the cutting edge platform helping our independent retailers succeed. At the heart of Rosie’s vision is leveling the playing field and giving independents the tools they need to compete against the industry’s big players. We couldn’t do this without the heart and soul of our development engineers, who think outside the box everyday to deliver the best.

To learn more about development, we sat down with Dan Intriligator (or ‘The Intriligator,’ his problem solving, bug-smashing alter ego in Rosie world). One part scientist and one part artist, Dan is the Senior Front End Software Engineer helping to make Rosie the innovative platform it is.

Rosie is unlike many other workplaces. We have a distinct culture and a core set of values. When did you know Rosie was the right fit for you?

After multiple interviews, it was clear Rosie was the right fit for me. In fact, it was my wife who pointed out that I couldn’t stop smiling every time I got off a call with someone at Rosie. That’s when I knew it was a place where I would enjoy myself. I’m excited to log on every morning and the culture helps me feel really connected to the company during this disconnected time.

One of your colleagues recently described your work as an art form. How do you approach writing code and do you think it’s helpful to think of it in these terms?

There’s a lot of math and logic that goes into coding, but we’re also creating brand new things. In that sense, any time you’re building something that wasn’t there before, there’s always an element of creativity. We learn how to use the tools we have and combine them in innovative ways to collaborate as a team and build something great. The end result is that everyone has their fingerprints on the final product.

What are the core qualities you think are important to be a successful developer at Rosie?

First, being a good communicator so everyone can be on the same page about where we are on a project and where we need to go. Creativity is important because you need to be able to look at a problem and solve it in new and interesting ways. Taking responsibility for your choices and backing them up is another one, because the choices you make affect the whole team. Lastly, lightheartedness and the ability to get along with others. Having fun expresses itself in the work, and being able to laugh and have fun while working helps the team.

What is in your Rosie cart?

Bread and peanut butter. Always have those two things for the kids.

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