Meet Ji-Ho Lee

Meet Ji-Ho Lee

As we head into the holidays, many are considering their options when it comes to planning meals safely. Smaller groups, more dinners - online grocery options continue to be relied on by shoppers nationwide. Even casual fast food king Chipotle has jumped on the ecommerce bandwagon by opening their first pickup and delivery only store.

And we’ve directly felt this impact, almost tripling our team to support the growing number of retailers that joined our Rosie family since the beginning of March. That’s a lot of resumes, interviews, benefits, and support needed as we adjust to the new normal of remote work.

This week, we spoke with Rosie’s rockstar HR Intern, Ji-Ho Lee, to give us the inside scoop on his experience.

How did your Rosie journey begin?

I’m a senior at Cornell University, with a double minor in psychology and business. My curriculum is centered on HR and organizational consulting, so my current role at Rosie was a perfect fit. Last spring, my roommate was taking a class with Nick, Rosie’s Founder & CEO, who is also an adjunct professor at Cornell. He described Nick as an individual with “passion and drive,” and seconds into my first lecture I knew I had made the right decision. Nick walked us through Rosie’s life cycle, where it had been, where it was going, and I knew I wanted to be part of a company that started with the passion of one person for serving a local community.

What has been your experience so far as an HR intern? And remote!

Luckily, working from home wasn’t a big change as my last job was consulting for a full-time remote company. At Rosie, I work with a small, super talented team (led by another Cornell alum!) and feel really connected to the various projects that impact Rosian’s lives every day. While I may not see my colleagues in-person, our organizational culture permeates Zoom calls through daily standups and monthly Town Halls.

It sounds like you’ve been exposed to a lot of different types of work in this internship. What’s been your favorite part?

Rosie is definitely a fast-paced work environment, and in the three months since I’ve started I’ve done everything from conducting interviews, writing benefit policies, and researching processes that help create the building blocks for Rosie’s future.

A favorite part is hard! I’ve really enjoyed analyzing benefits policies and the challenge of engaging in several different types of HR functionalities in a short period of time because it provides so much opportunity for experience, exposure, and significant impact.

What are the three things in your grocery cart: Gochujang (Google it!), ground turkey (really, beef is overrated), and brussels sprouts.

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