Meet Soubhagya (Sou) Chattopadhyay

Meet Soubhagya (Sou) Chattopadhyay

In our latest “Employee Spotlight” interview, we sit down with Soubhagya (Sou) Chattopadhyay who leads HR initiatives and is focused on growing the Rosie family. With the recent round of Series A funding and plenty of exciting features in the pipeline, we’re interested to learn more about Sou’s day-to-day and what’s on her to-do-list in the coming months.

How did your journey start?

Before I interviewed at Rosie, and prior to my grad studies at Cornell University, I was an HR manager at an ecommerce company. Being familiar with the industry (and ecommerce being an area I was passionate about) made my interest in Rosie a natural fit. Once I met with Nick, it was an easy decision. His vision and passion for the industry made me realize I could have a lasting impact finding other Rosie teammates that shared that same drive and enthusiasm.

Rosie recently received its first Series A round of funding, and the HR team has been tasked with growing the team with some of the best and brightest of our industry. What is your process for finding the right people and who are you looking for?

It certainly has been an exciting few weeks here at Rosie, and we are on the lookout for candidates that would be assets for the team. We focus on communicating a holistic view of a potential candidate’s work and responsibilities, so the right people join our tribe, someone who is as excited and passionate as we are. Our culture is unique, and we take a lot of pride in our interview process, identifying people who both believe in Rosie’s vision and can help us deliver on our promises to the independent community, their customers, and our partners.

If you’re on the market, we hire through Indeed as well as LinkedIn, Angelist, Hired, and StackOverflow (for more technical positions). All of our current openings can also be found on our website at

All of Rosie’s 73 employees work from home, a big change for many of us. How has the company culture transcended from in-office to at-home?

We were fortunate - the evolution of in-office to at-home was a painless move with not a lot of bumps. Most of our team joined mid-pandemic, so we weren’t used to working together in an office to begin with! Going back to our culture, our daily stand ups, Town Hall, Chai and Chat, lunches with leaders, Coffee with CCO, these are all virtual events that foster human connection and build relationships. If anything, it’s allowed our teammates - no matter where we live - to feel equally part of a company that is rooted in delivering delightful experiences online.

Really exciting news! Tell us about your latest award, and why it’s extra special for the Rosie team.

Rosie was recently presented with Shelby Report’s DE&I Award - a topic that is close to my heart. Diversity, equity, and inclusivity are not just words here, but fundamental beliefs our team has put into action as we think about processes and our future candidates (diversity in backgrounds, roles, experiences). It’s a special recognition, because it shows that these initiatives are visible to current and future employees, all which are exemplified and begin with leadership. Nick Nickitas, our Founder & CEO, has always been vocal about current issues and has created a safe, positive work environment. For us, this award acknowledges efforts that stem from diverse people with a diverse set of ideas. We’ll continue to weave it into our practices and incorporate DE&I into our Rosie DNA as a necessity for us to be successful and extend these values to our diverse customer base.

To wrap things up, what’s in your Rosie cart?

Currently, my husband’s selections! I personally don't believe in organic products, but my husband believes organic equals good health. Right now I’m seeing organic grapes and cherries, and (sh!) some additional meat for me.

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