Meet Stefaun Holland

Meet Stefaun Holland

At the backbone of every SaaS organization is a talented Support team. Products change, questions arise, and customers today expect a level of customer service that exceeds their expectations.

As many new independent retailers kicked off their first foray into grocery ecommerce, we sat down with Tier 2 Support Lead, Stefaun Holland, who gives us the inside scoop on his role in helping retailers offer a seamless online shopping experience for their customers.

How did your journey with Rosie start, and what stood out the most in your first few weeks?

Before Rosie, I was doing customer support for the stimulus, but not using my full technical skills. In the market for something more challenging, my interview with Jonathan Kotenko, Head of Retailer Support at Rosie, certainly piqued my interest: “Your day to day will certainly change.” When I first started, there was a lot to absorb in a fast-paced environment. At every new job, there’s a learning curve, but a big piece was that Rosie is always building new features to ensure our retailers have the best tools available to compete with bigger brands and deliver on customer expectations.

Rosie’s mantra is “delivering delight” - how does the Tier 2 Retailer Support team bring this saying to life?

As our CIO likes to say, “We solve problems, not tickets.” We’re a team of investigators: it’s about being patient, doing our research and working across departments, and taking the time to understand what the core issue is - not just putting a bandaid on the problem. Tier 2 not only supports our retailers, but we also “deliver delight” by supporting our Rosie colleagues in Tier 1, making sure they have the educational components and know-how to support our partners.

As a Tier 2 specialist, what is an example of how your team supports Rosie retailers?

We pride ourselves in being able to assist our retailers with pricing, which takes a huge weight off their shoulders. We make sure there is no disconnect and encourage their POS providers to send most updated pricing in advance so retailers can offer their customers the most accurate pricing available.

What has been your most challenging or rewarding project that you’ve worked on since being at Rosie?

Right now, it’s a project I’m working on with a multi-store operator, as we help migrate their team over to a new POS provider. It’s going to be very rewarding and impactful for the retailer, as we ensure order injection and feature pricing is ready to rock and roll moving forward.

Last but not least, what might we find in your Rosie cart? Tabasco sauce! It goes well with everything. Being from the south, my cart will also have sweet tea - it pairs perfectly with Mexican food.

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