A Look to the Future: One-Click Meal Solutions

A Look to the Future: One-Click Meal Solutions

It’s no secret that home cooking, or at least eating at home, is on the rise for most Americans. With many restaurants still offering limited service, there is a rising demand for easy meal options that can be enjoyed safely at home.

While fresh and ready options fill that niche for some Americans, others are looking for an opportunity to grow their cooking skills. Enter the one-click meal kit. Designed around a specific recipe, these kits contain all the ingredients (and directions) a shopper needs to make a delicious, home-cooked meal. Meal kits safeguard the principle of cooking at home with your family, and are appealing for busy professionals, younger shoppers, or people who are looking to focus on their cooking skills instead of spending time at the store.

Why should grocers care about one-click solutions?

There are three reasons why expanding into one-click meal kits is a great idea: margins, ease of implementation, and an expanding customer base.

The concept of a meal-building kit is simple. Provide customers with the exact ingredients they need to make an interesting recipe, along with some detailed prep instructions. This convenience is something customers are willing to pay for. The quick assurance that the kit will contain everything needed and nothing else is greater than the value of its individual items.

The concept isn’t just simple for your customers – it’s easy for you too! Just make a new item on your Rosie store with some quick facts about the recipe: the ingredients, prep and cook time, basic nutritional facts, and some mouthwatering pictures. You can keep your meal kits preassembled based on a weekly menu if you have cold storage space or you can make standardized recipe ingredient lists for your pickers. Options could include a barbecue kit with a cut of meat, sauces and spices, and easy vegetable side, or a zesty regional option that is easy to cook like shakshuka. Meal kits can also take a different approach, focusing on recipes using non-perishable ingredients such as cake baking kits.

By expanding your fresh-and-ready options to include meal kits, your business will be able to tap into a brand-new market. One-click meal solutions allow you to provide a new and fun option for existing shoppers or those who may have skipped over your store in favor of local restaurant options.

How to get started offering meal kits

Here are some tips on how you can leverage your Rosie platform to meet this new demand:

  • Take advantage of Rosie’s advertising tools. The clickable weekly ad, announcement panel, and product booster are all easy ways to make sure your customers know about your one-click meal solutions. Don’t forget to advertise in-store as well! You can learn more about how to advertise your online experience in our August 2020 Fireside Chat.
  • Build an enticing menu and keep things fresh. Find recipes with local inspiration and popularity and make sure to create a rotating menu.
  • Rosie Meal Solutions: How-to

As we head into the fall season, robust, warm-plated meals filled with nutritious vegetables and proteins will be a popular option. And with school reopenings still undecided for many, convenient at-home solutions that promote togetherness will no doubt resonate with shoppers who want to try new recipes and maintain healthy, well-balanced meals.

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