Thriving in a Competitive Market

A check-in with Dash's Market in Buffalo, NY

Dash’s Market is in the highly competitive Buffalo suburbs. They launched eCommerce with Rosie in 2014 to stake out their ground in their community. Initially, their program was looked at as an investment in their long-term customer acquisition and retention plan. Within 6 months of their launch, they were exceeding their internally set goals by up to 100% in a given month. Midway through their second-year, they began to realize profits from their program.

In August of 2017, Instacart came to Buffalo and launched delivery at a number of larger chains. Instacart offered annual subscription memberships with free delivery to undercut the market. Dash's fought back and by September was able to maintain and grow their market share.

How did Dash's compete with online behemoth Instacart?

  1. Dash's focused on their personal shoppers
  2. Dash's focused on their delivery professionals
  3. Dash's focused on their pricing strategy
  4. Dash's focused on digital and print marketing

Dash's Market has a team of personal shoppers who have been part of the Dash's team for years. They know the store, the bakers, the butchers, and the team at the deli. They know how to select the freshest products and pick the absolute best for Dash's Delivers customers. They are attentive to the needs are repeat customers and know their customers by name.

Dash's delivery professionals have delivered thousands of grocery orders across over 100 square miles of Buffalo and the Buffalo suburbs. They know their communities and they know the mission and values of Dash's Market.

The third and fourth strategy of Dash's Delivers campaign was to focus on pricing strategy and their print and digital campaigns. For a limited time Dash's offered free delivery and free in-store pickup. Additionally, they share this message within their print circular, their email campaigns, and their digital and social media marketing. We've shared some examples of their message here.

"We love to compete and we love to serve our community. Buffalo is our home. We strive to bring our best to our customers every day."
Mark Mahoney
EVP, Director of Operations, Dash's Market

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