Winter is coming… and Rosie retailers are ready

Winter is coming… and Rosie retailers are ready

As COVID-19 cases spike across the country, many businesses - including grocery stores - are seeing new restrictions put in place, not unlike those from earlier this year. This time, however, grocery stores will have the proper tools to prepare and ensure their customers have access to the items they need (cue, toilet paper and meat!).

Pre-pandemic, online grocery was experiencing growth, but COVID accelerated customer demand for access to groceries from the safety of their homes. While some retailers were ready for the influx in online orders, many stores were just getting their feet wet - coordinating appropriate staffing to pick orders, ensuring shelves were stocked, and overall getting used to a new technology platform.

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Since then, we, alongside our retailers, have learned from these challenges, and have added new features or updates to our existing platform that ensure our retailers are prepared for whatever might come next. As we head into winter, here are several tips retailers should be thinking about in advance:

  • Plan weeks ahead with extended order views in the Retailer Control Panel. In our latest update, we’ve made things extra informative for retailers so they can monitor all incoming orders months in advance. While we don’t recommend picking someone’s frozen cheesecake 2 weeks early, we’ve added a new section in the Control Panel, “Order Slots,” that shows retailers everything from start/end time, number of orders available, and more!
  • Keep tabs on your order availability and be flexible. The holidays are traditionally a challenging time of year, as hours become extended and staff requests time off with family. Have a few team members requested last-minute time off? Or, have you had a few extra cups of coffee and want to take on more orders than you anticipated? While our Support team is always here to help, our latest update gives retailers the power to activate or deactivate multiple slots with one click of a button.
  • Help your pickers manage product availability. We all remember the toilet paper shortage. Retailers can take extra precautions using software like our Intraday Inventory Management tool, which marks an item "out of stock" while instantly deactivating the item online for all other online shoppers. Not only does this prevent disappointing other customers, but you can also set the item for “out of stock” for a specified duration and then update product availability later on.

With more families staying at home due to cold weather, the holidays, and new COVID restrictions, it is crucial that the independent retailer community make online shopping a fast, simple, and reliable option. These recent updates aim to make it easy for you to stay on top of your orders and give your customers the painless shopping experience they deserve.

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