Apr 22, 2021

Leading the way for accessible online grocery

The popularity of online grocery shopping coincides with technology solidifying itself as a must-have component of daily life in 2021. Whether it’s stocking up your pantry or scheduling a dog walk, this rapid embrace of technology comes with new challenges. According to the CDC, 1 in 4 American adults are currently living with disabilities. For this sector of the population, technology can do much to improve daily tasks, like screen readers, which allow those with visual impairments to listen to text on websites or descriptions of images. But not all technology is created equal, and there are currently no laws dictating that websites and mobile devices must be accessible.

Despite this, Rosie has made equity in the online shopping experience a priority in 2021. We are proud to offer a WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliant experience on our retailers’ ecommerce platform. From browsing products to final checkout, Rosie is giving independent retailers the tools to make their online store just as accessible and inviting as their brick and mortar.

When your customers seek out an accessible online shopping experience, they can expect some of the following key features with Rosie:

  • Screen-reader compatibility, allowing links, buttons, text, etc. to be picked up by screen readers for visually impaired customers
  • High-contrast “accessibility mode” available for shoppers who need it
  • The ability to remove moving images (GIFs) for a safe experience
  • The option for keyboard to select products and checkout all from their keyboard

Rosie leads the grocery ecommerce industry in accessible shopping experiences, receiving a 100/100 score for Accessibility Mode by LightHouse, the Google Chrome audit tool, surpassing its competitors. This means you as a Rosie retailer are offering your customers a reliable online grocery experience for individuals with disabilities. For more information, take a look at Rosie’s WCAG 2.1 Accessibility FAQs.

To help you share this good news with your customers, find announcement panels, social media posts, and more in this Help Center article. Together we can bring the option to choose safe online shopping to more people in your community.