Instacart integrates full-service pick, pack, and delivery capabilities seamlessly into your white-label Rosie experience

Shop + Checkout + Delivery

We have developed end-to-end fulfillment technologies to enhance the customer shopping experience by simplifying the entire purchase-to-delivery process.

Our cutting-edge solutions enable retailers to offer more flexible delivery time slots and an increased number of available pickers, ensuring that customers can enjoy a seamless and stress-free shopping experience from the beginning to the end, with the assurance that their orders will be fulfilled and delivered with maximum efficiency.

Enhance your white-label Rosie experience with Instacart's seamless end-to-end pick, pack & delivery capabilities for a comprehensive solution

  • Best-in-class Fulfillment Network

    Leverage a network of hundred of thousands dedicated shoppers to pick & deliver orders

  • Capture Missed Demand

    Minimize lost sales and attract new shoppers with <2 hour delivery windows

  • Seamless Integration

    Instacart’s enhanced fulfillment capabilities plug directly into your existing Rosie white-label experience

  • Efficiently scale your online program

    Save on labor costs with our flexible staffing, delivering favorable economics to scale

Fulfillment Optimized for Grocery

Instacart offers one of the largest  shopper networks backed by our flexible fulfillment software to pick and deliver orders same-day to customers. 

Shopper Network Coverage

Fast & Reliable Delivery

Enhanced Fulfillment

Ready to see our capabilities in action?

Our sales representatives are available for a demo today, showcasing how our seamless end-to-end picking, packing, and delivery capabilities have been optimized to fully support your white-label Rosie experience through the integration of Rosie + Instacart.