Retailer-Branded Mobile App

Put your grocery store in
the palm of their hand

Built for independent grocers

Rosie’s Retailer-Branded Mobile Apps are built with independent grocers in mind: designed to be operated and managed by local grocers, not software developers.

male shopkeeper working in a grocery store
shopping cart in a mobile device icon

Reach more customers and build bigger baskets

With a 3x higher conversion rate on mobile than on desktop, allow customers to shop in your store at home, in-store, and on the go with an app that is fully retailer-branded.


    Get your own app up & running within just days

    • Reliable
    • Easy-to-use
    • No developer needed
    •Turn-key mobile app


    Reach customers with mobile marketing tools & digital merchandising

    Your retailer-branded mobile app helps customers know they are shopping with your store, not a 3rd party.


    An omnichannel experience for your shoppers

    Integrate current partnership systems, including sales, weekly ad, rewards program, merchandising activity, and more.

Enhanced shopper
experience in hand

  • Easier, more convenient than desktop
  • Shopper personalization with lists, location, and favorites
  • Quick access to digital clickable weekly ads – savings shoppers enjoy!
  • SNAP/EBT payment options
  • Easy pickup and delivery scheduling
  • One spot for loyalty and promotions

One button click away from
a fully stocked pantry

Whether your shoppers are on the road or reading in bed, Rosie’s Retailer-Branded Mobile Apps make ordering groceries easy and effortless.

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