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It’s your brand, your data, and your customers combined with our innovation and best in class technology

Smart, delightfully easy local e-commerce used by:

An online shopping experience your customers will love

With the industry’s most agile online shopping platform, Rosie enables an e-commerce strategy that drives growth.

Deliver an e-commerce experience that is consistent with your brand,  focused on quality, and serves your shoppers.

Expand your reach & revenue with Rosie and Instacart App

Grocers with their own retailer-branded e-commerce Rosie experience who have also added Instacart App as an additional e-commerce channel, have seen incremental growth in online revenue when using both. 

  • Reach new customers who shop on Instacart, the largest online grocery marketplace in North America
  • Supplement your Rosie e-commerce experience with an Instacart App storefront and capture new sales.

Acquire new customers
and grow your revenue

Seamlessly and economically integrate the four key pillars of shopper engagement to create a best-in-class e-commerce experience, specifically designed to provide independent grocers the tools to compete with online giants and the rise of direct-to-consumer commerce.

  • E-commerce
  • Fulfillment
  • Marketing
  • Analytics

Instacart's full-service delivery seamlessly integrates into the Rosie white-label experience

Utilize Instacart’s full-service shoppers to pick, pack and deliver the orders without impacting your in-store operations. 

  • Accommodate more time slots
  • Efficient order picking
  • Faster delivery

Make a striking impression
on every shopper

Create moments that deliver delight

Rosie’s seamless user experience makes it easy for shoppers to instantly find their favorite local grocer and get started shopping right away. It’s fun, convenient and fast for customers.

  • Available in the App Store and Google Play
  • Real-time ordering with easy clicking
  • Save orders for return shopping
  • Easy product searching
  • Customer loyalty app/rewards cards

Your store deserves a
custom, branded experience

  • E-commerce forward website pages with enhanced navigation
  • Location-based technology helps your customers find the right store to shop at
  • Showcase your weekly ad & special discounts
  • Customize and highlight your store brand
  • Control what your customers see most

Admin interfaces designed for simplicity and intuitiveness

Thoughtful design to make e-commerce easy


Full-service delivery capabilities seamlessly integrated into your white-label Rosie experience

Predictive search, custom browsing and recommendations

Easy to use digital merchandising tools

State of the art payments

Rosie payments are the most convenient way for grocery stores to accept online payments. It eliminates the hassle of setting up a third-party payment provider or merchant account, and you don’t have to enter your credentials into Rosie.

  • Pre-built integrations with Stripe, Fiserv, and CardConnect
  • SNAP online payment processing
  • Scaleable, affordable pricing
  • The most used payments


    Full-service delivery supply is scheduled by time slots to meet demand and offers customers greater flexibility in choosing delivery options.



    More flexibility to customize the look and feel of your e-commerce solution.



    Connecting the world’s best brands and trusted local retailers. Items are promoted in search and browse for campaign duration.



    7-day a week US-based phone & email support for retailers & shoppers, unlimited access to Rosie Help Center for best practices & live interactive retailer training sessions.


    & compliance

    Data security and compliance are of utmost importance to Rosie.
    All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 and encryption keys are stored on separate machines.



    Better understand how to serve customers online and in-store. Actionable insights driven by real-time transactional data.

Put your grocery store in the palm of their hand with Rosie's Retailer-Branded Mobile App

With a 3x higher conversion rate on mobile than on desktop, reach more customers and build bigger baskets at home, in-store, and on the go with an app that is fully retailer-branded.

Rosie’s Retailer-Branded Mobile App allows customers to shop in your store from their mobile device. They can find your store and start shopping right away.

Introducing Rosie's Retailer-Branded Mobile App

Your retailer-branded mobile app for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail stores.
  • A turn key mobile app

    Reliable and easy-to-use, no developer needed

  • Capture more shoppers with your branding

    Your Retailer-Branded Mobile App lets customers know they are shopping with your store, not a 3rd party

  • Integrates with e-commerce, rewards, and digital coupons

    Rosie's Retailer-Branded Mobile App works seamlessly with Rosie e-commerce or any e-commerce provider. Your app is an extension of your desktop experience, from loyalty to Weekly Ad

  • Automatically updates

    Once set-up, updates flow through automatically

Seamless integration with
all your systems

Integrate Rosie’s e-commerce experience with your existing website or use Rosie’s website pages as your e-commerce-first website.

Rosie also supports all your 3rd party integrations from POS, payment processors, loyalty and rewards, digital coupons, delivery services, single-sign-on, Weekly Ad, and Mobile App.

Clickable Weekly Ad

Transform your printed weekly ad into a digital shoppable experience that your customers can access and interact with easily across all their devices.

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