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Grocery shopping.
Delightfully different.

Our people are our greatest asset. That’s why our Rosie family is filled with dedicated, passionate, and energetic individuals eager to transform the future of grocery shopping, making it easier for busy people and families to move food from the aisle to the table. As we continue to serve our communities and clients, we are constantly on the lookout for talented and devoted people to push us in the right direction.

Driven by a mission of providing greater opportunities for local grocers and their communities, our relentless pursuit of creative ingenuity and innovative solutions have generated electric growth in a booming industry. Join us as we continue to help independent retailers selling online groceries the best part of your week.

A little about us

Our differences make us stronger. We’re looking for unique, skilled, and ambitiously dynamic visionaries who are eager to learn and make an impact.

  • Community and local impact
  • Culture and benefits
  • People and diversity

Create solutions for tomorrow

As you join our culture of appreciation and productivity, we’re confident you’ll help us deliver delight to our clients.

A cornerstone of culture

Everything we do is rooted in our values. Our actions and our mission are a product of our character, which is why we emphasize hiring people who consistently do the right thing. Take a look at the pillars that have helped build Rosie to what it is today.


Makes ordinary people extraordinary. Our passion for our work and our clients creates a standard of excellence and a desire to be our best each day.

Personal responsibility

We get the job done. As a company, we’ve committed to a culture of independent accountability and ownership, allowing us to surpass goals and achieve solutions.

Team oriented

By supporting each other’s tasks and complimenting each other’s skills, we collectively face every road block with an intention of powerful progress.

Nothing is sacred

Our willingness to explore new possibilities, engage in radical changes, and adapt in any environment helps us create a future of opportunity.

Intellectual curiosity

Innovation is in our fabric. Our hunger for creative processes and novel solutions eliminates complacency and produces results.

Inclusion and diversity

We employ a diverse workforce that allows us to have freedom and comfortability in our pursuit of success.

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A healthy and happy
 place to work

We know that unexpected challenges can make work difficult and draining. Taking care of our families, our bodies, and our mental well-being is a lot to balance. That’s why we offer generous benefits and opportunities to serve, support, and care for each of our employees.

Unlimited vacation

Everybody needs a day off. Instead of limiting the rest that you deserve, we provide every opportunity that you need to unplug and recharge.

Remote work

We make adjustments to a constantly changing world. We make work as easy and accessible as possible, by allowing you to work in the comfort of your own home.

Health & wellness

Your health is our priority. By offering expansive insurance packages for health, life, and disability, as well as paid sick leave and family leave, we place your well-being into our own hands.

Financial benefits

Money talks. By extending generous 401(k) plans and health savings accounts, we give you the opportunities you need to be financially successful.

Stock options

Own your journey. By providing stock options to each of our employees, we invite every member of the Rosie family to join our pursuit of growth and service.


Celebrate success. We love reaching milestones, which is why we offer merit-based rewards and raises, and dedicate time each week to appreciating each other.

Available openings

Whether you’re developing new product openings, finding new opportunities for partnership, or serving our valuable clients, join our pursuit of relevant impact and ambitious growth.


How to apply?

To see all available openings, apply at Rosie's Lever Careers page.

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