Empowering Excellence: 3 Rosians Recognized as 2022 Women of Influence

Empowering Excellence: 3 Rosians Recognized as 2022 Women of Influence

It's no secret at Rosie--in fact, it's a cherished value, employees are our greatest asset. Rosie employees keep the company going day in and day out.  They work diligently delivering delight to our customers, and Rosie's Customer Support Team and their work is proof positive.  The Shelby-Griffin Report recently published its 17th Annual Women of Influence in the Food Industry Tribute, and in it they highlighted 78 exceptional Women of Influence in the food industry, three of whom work here at Rosie on our Support Team, Marcie Gencarelli, Kelly Paolangeli, and Johneice Smith.  These women professionals have contributed much to delivering delight to retail partners and shoppers.

“We’re so pleased to recognize Marcie, Kelly, and Johneice. They are empathic, dedicated, and truly care about making sure our retail partners and their shoppers are delighted. They bring so much energy and professionalism to Rosie. We are a better, stronger company because of them," said Nick Nickitas, Founder & CEO of Rosie. “Marcie, Kelly, Johneice and the amazing support team at Rosie is the reason retailers across the country select Rosie time and again as their preferred ecommerce partner.”

We take a moment to recognize Rosie's 3 Women of Influence and highlight some of the highly influential qualities they each bring to the table to deliver delight!

In alphabetical order:

Marcie Gencarelli, Senior Tier 1 Support Specialist Marcie joined Rosie 2020, Marcie has taken charge of restructuring the Help Center. This included a complete overhaul of the article content and organization--making them easier to understand and faster to find.  Now, retailers and shoppers can easily access answers to nearly every how-to question they might have.  Marcie attributes much of her success on the job to working with a stellar team and having an understanding/supportive team lead, Jordan Costley.

Kelly Paolangeli, Senior Tier 1 Support Specialist Kelly came to Rosie 1 year ago.  She works directly with Rosie's retailers providing technical support and helping them get their questions resolved.  Her philosophy to providing standout support retailers appreciate is founded upon one simple premise: "The retailer defines service means to him or her," and that definition often becomes the expectation.  With this approach in mind, Kelly is able to deliver delight effortlessly and meat the needs of Rosie retailers.  Kelly's one piece of advice for emerging professionals in the industry: Be your own advocate, be your own voice--doing nothing leaves you exactly where you are.

Johneice Smith, Senior Tier 1 Support Agent. Johneice joined Rosie 1 year ago and thrives upon meeting customer's expectations.  Her empathy runs deep for customers and she brings a level of genuine understanding to how she works with customers.  Johneice knows how the rapidly changing nature of retail from brick-and-mortar to bricks-meet-clicks can be hard for some shoppers to adapt to.  She readily provides support helping them adjust.  She attributes much of her professional success to her accomplished mother's mentorship and experience.  It pushed Johneice to challenge status quo, shift career course from automotive industry to e-commerce, and to love what she does for work--helping people.

Rosie's three Women of Influence join 78 other accomplished women in the grocery industry who are daily contributing thought leadership, direction and service to the 742+ billion U.S. dollars food and grocery industry, which accounts for nearly 86 percent of the U.S. food and beverage retail market.

Join us in congratulating and appreciating our three talented Rosians, Marcie, Kelly and Johneice who stand among 78 extraordinary Women of Influence in the industry today!

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