Aug 31, 2017

7 Key Reasons to Choose Rosie

When choosing an eCommerce provider, independent grocers should consider a profitable, versatile and flexible solution. Rosie’s responsive software, tiered pricing, and increased basket size make Rosie the true omni-channel eCommerce provider and best option for independent grocers.

1) Rosie gets omni-channel: Personalized Recommended Items, Automated Email Marketing, Home Delivery, Geofencing Ad Campaigns, 2M+ product warehouse, Loyalty Integration, Award Winning Video Productions, Shopping Lists, and many more omni-channel retail features.

2) Rosie has solved the challenge of making eCommerce profitable. Rosie Retailers are gaining thousands in additional revenue each month from their eCommerce service. Our list of best practices, which includes service fees and online margins among other things, ensures each retailer partner has a path to a profitable eCommerce program.

3) Rosie retailers experience a 4.1x larger basket size online than in-store. The average basket size with Rosie is over $116.00.

4) Shop Anywhere, Sell Anywhere: Rosie software works on laptops, desktops, smart phones, and tablets. Your customers can shop from anywhere, when it is most convenient for them, and acquire groceries with ease. They can choose to pick their grocery order up in-store, with curbside. local pickup, or home delivery.

5) Rosie has the industry leading business intelligence platform: Rosie Data Analytics. Rosie’s analytics platform allows you to learn more about your customers including, but not limited to, their gender, age, household size, how often and what time of day they order.

6) Low monthly fees: Even rural retailers can compete with Walmart, Dollar General, and other national chain discounters. These national retailers are offering convenient, time saving eCommerce and you can too. Whether you are a rural, suburban, or urban retailer, our tiered packages give you the option to choose a sensible eCommerce platform for your business.

7) Acquire the $27,000 customer. The active Rosie customer orders twice a month. Over the course of the next 10 years, they’ll loyally spend over $27,000 at your store.

If you are interested in leading your trade area with true omni-channel eCommerce and getting ahead of the competition, call 1-855-ROSIE-NOW (767-4366) or email