Jun 3, 2020

A Message from Haley, Head of Account Management: How We’re Delivering Success

First, we want to take a moment to appreciate grocery retailers and wholesalers, their staff, and loyal customers. We’ve tackled unfamiliar challenges, discovered new solutions, and come together as an industry.

It’s a fact: the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for online grocery shopping, causing a surge of first-time users –  both shoppers and retailers. With demand increasing, our team asked ourselves: how can we help our retailers succeed in a new, uncharted territory?

Adapting to Change

In the last few weeks, new shopping habits impacted retailers across the country. Online orders increased tenfold, and the entire industry has come together to help solve customer needs. Our mission has been to; 1) be agile and be creative with new features, and 2) be supportive and guide partners through the process.

We’ve been focusing on self-service tools to allow retailers to be both independent and successful. These improvements create efficiencies and empower our partners with tools to enable site customizations and admin controls that put them in the driver seat of their programs. We will continue in this direction to support retailers as online shopping evolves.

Understanding the Shopper Mindset

Retailers succeed when customers are happy. And currently, those customers are juggling a lot: second jobs, extra “colleagues” around the house, and overall, a significant drop in free time. To understand how retailers can better meet their shopper’s needs, we put on our own “work from home, no-spare-time” hats. How can retailer and customer communications be more convenient? Reliable? Proactive?

It’s never a bad idea to communicate early, and often. Recent studies prove that customers appreciate communication channels that are flexible and easily accessible – not everyone can carry out a 15-minute phone call regarding meat availability.

To embrace customers’ chaotic lives, we enabled a chat feature for customers and retailers to easily connect with our support team, along with an option for retailers to make personalized announcements on their customized ecommerce platform. Chat + announcements = proactive (and much appreciated) communication.

Learning Together

While everyone is moving 100 miles an hour, there is no better way to learn than by listening. We’ve put our heads together with industry thought leaders nationwide, gathering data and real experiences that allow us to learn and better serve our partners. We’re also re-establishing our Retailer Round tables so that Rosie and Retailer partners can learn from one another and help support each other along the way.

Together – our customers, partners, industry thought leaders – we can continue to deliver successful growth and experiences.