Sep 28, 2020

Drive Awareness, Drive Sales for Your Online Program

We hear from many of our retailer partners: “Now that I have my online program, what’s next?”. To win a customer’s trust and brand loyalty, just having an online store isn’t enough. Rosie’s Account Manager Jon Littlefield sat down with several Rosie Retailers in our monthly Fireside Chat series to discuss how grocers can market their online program to build relationships and drive online sales. From engaging shoppers through social media to weekly email newsletters, here are some insider tips to get you started.

Customize and tailor your messaging for each platform.

Take advantage of features only social media can provide by posting photos and videos to really engage your shoppers. Bob Rybick, President of Geissler’s Supermarkets, connects with customers through candid and educational video content that brings the local grocery shopping experience to life. To grow your follower count, consider cross-listing some of your partners and tagging other businesses. Don’t forget to use hashtags to draw even more eyes to your content!

Shoppers need to hear it and see it seven times.

Remind, rinse and repeat. If you want shoppers to take advantage of online shopping, you may need to remind them several times before the message sticks. Angela DeCicco, Grocery Marketing Consultant for the POM Group Inc. recommends tackling every possible shopper touchpoint, from flyers at the register to reusable shopping bags. In addition, make sure your online store is front and center on your website, and reinforce the message through social media posts and email communications.

Don’t be afraid to try something new: awareness = conversion.

The best way to grab your shoppers’ attention may be to mix up how you typically deliver messages. Thomas Horne, Senior eCommerce Manager at AFS encourages retailers to test directional signage, make announcements in-store, or digitize your weekly ad – there is no one single tactic but incorporating several marketing elements can raise awareness and drive sales.

In conclusion: Online grocery adoption rates continue to rise as safety and convenience remain top-of-mind. While Amazon, Walmart, and Target continue to share growing online revenue numbers, the independent retailer community is also capitalizing on ecommerce as shoppers look to local for in-stock items, transparent communications, and the expectation that their community store is looking out for their needs.

Make it your mission to give your customers every opportunity to try online shopping. Provide them with a consistent message across all of your platforms and repeat it often. It may take a while to build a foundation, but as long as you stick with it and continuously deliver your message, you’ll find your online orders growing in no time.