Jun 22, 2016

Full-Service eCommerce Now Integrated in All RORCv6 POS Locations

DUMAC Business Systems and Rosie Team Up to Dramatically Simplify eCommerce for Independent Grocers

Syracuse, N.Y. (June 22, 2016) – DUMAC Business Systems, a provider of point-of-sale (POS) software, hardware, and services and Rosie, a leader in grocery eCommerce technology and services, today announced a strategic partnership to provide independent grocers with a more effective, efficient solution for eCommerce. DUMAC’s RORCv6 point-of-sale system offers a direct integration to Rosie’s eCommerce platform, meaning retailers can implement online shopping directly through their POS system with just a few clicks. Integration of eCommerce and POS takes up to 50 percent less time with the combined RORCv6/Rosie solution compared to implementing separate eCommerce and POS systems.

All retailers using RORCv6 software will have access to Rosie’s eCommerce suite, which includes web and mobile shopping apps for consumers, order fulfillment tools, digital marketing services, and data analytics. The combined RORCv6 and Rosie solution enables retailers to seamlessly implement online shopping and benefit from numerous operational efficiencies. Additionally, retailers can digitally engage new customers and leverage all store discounts and loyalty programs with no new software to install.

“For independent grocers, it’s not a question of should they offer eCommerce, it’s a question of how and when,” said Phil McCarthy, vice president of DUMAC. “At the same time, launching an eCommerce program can be incredibly daunting. By integrating Rosie with RORCv6, we’re taking out the guesswork and obstacles that grocers typically experience when starting an eCommerce program.”

“eCommerce needs to anchor the long-term digital strategy for grocery retailers if they are going to compete with global retailers, and at the same time it can’t be disruptive to current operations,” said Jon Ambrose, co-founder and COO, Rosie. “Compared to disjointed competitive solutions, this partnership enables retailers to implement a streamlined online shopping program with integrated delivery logistics, digital marketing, and data analytics.”

Retailers utilizing the combined offering will also enjoy another advantage: a 30 percent reduction in the labor costs of operating online shopping. The RORCv6/Rosie integration provides 360-degree data flow via a “Completed Transaction Feed,” meaning retailers won’t need to take an online order and scan it through the front-end registers after it has been picked. Data flows directly between the order picking interface and RORCv6, enabling real-time sales reporting and eliminating duplicate work. This 360- degree data flow also solves the challenge grocers face in setting up online shopping—the time- consuming, error-prone process of entering price, product, and related information for each store location and ensuring integrity of the data between the POS and eCommerce systems.

By partnering, DUMAC and Rosie have developed a proprietary new approach that solves these challenges and enables retailers to rapidly implement low-cost, high-growth eCommerce programs. Retailers benefit from Rosie’s digital marketing and data analytics experience while leveraging DUMAC’s expertise in world-class retail solutions.

“Rosie and DUMAC get the grocery market and truly understand the need to deploy eCommerce quickly and seamlessly to more stores in different locations,” said Jeff Callister, senior marketing & eCommerce specialist, Associated Food Stores. “Rosie’s one-of-a-kind completed transaction feed with RORCv6 has reduced our labor time by 20-35 percent depending on the order size. We’ve reached our goals for growth very quickly and this success is due to our partnership with both DUMAC for point-of-sale and Rosie for eCommerce.”



Headquartered in Syracuse, N.Y., since 1952, DUMAC has been in the grocery business for more than 40 years. More than a thousand independently owned supermarkets across the U.S. use POS solutions from DUMAC. DUMAC also sells POS hardware to the hospitality and restaurant markets. Visit www.dumac.com for more information.




The industry leading online grocery shopping platform for mobile and web, Rosie launched in 2012 and today enables customers to shop online from their favorite local stores for same-day delivery or in-store pickup. Rosie partners with leading local retailers and their wholesalers to provide eCommerce, delivery opportunities, omni-channel marketing and deep data services. IBM selected Rosie as the Top Startup in North America in its 2014 IBM Smartcamp Competition. Visit rosieapp.com for company information and to sign up for a free account. Like us at fb.com/rosieapp. Follow us on twitter.com/rosieapp.