Mar 1, 2021

How to boost online grocery sales using grocery Collections

One of Rosie’s top priorities is building features to help independent retailers like you move into the grocery ecommerce game, and fully customize the look and feel of your online shop to create a memorable and distinct experience for your customers.

Collections is the latest in a long line of features giving you the tools to design your customer’s online experience. But digital merchandising features like marketing panels and Collections aren’t only designed to shape the look and feel of your site. They also play a strategic role in boosting the sales of specific items, directing customers to products you want them to shop, and increasing average basket size.

So, we know, you might be thinking…

What are Collections?

Collections are a great way for independent grocery stores to organize the products customers want to buy most as soon as they arrive on your online store.

Literally collating the products together as you would with an end cap in your brick and mortar store – but in the online grocery world, temperature class doesn’t matter. Store your hotdogs with your hotdog buns, your ice cream with your whipped cream, and your deli ham with your mustard.

Now, let’s talk about…

How Collections can help you boost online revenue

In February’s Fireside Chat, we explore how to build Collections and some of the ways they can play an essential role in growing your online grocery sales. We also heard from three real independent retailers using Collections in different ways: Maddie Gilbert, Senior Marketing Specialist at AFS, Allison Morrison, Director of Marketing and Events for Clark’s Market, and Jordan Falslev, E-commerce Coordinator at Lee’s Marketplace.

As you get started with your own Collections, here are some different ideas to consider in building an impactful Collections strategy that will continue to grow and can impact your bottom line.

Help customers with their cravings, and upsell

Customers may not search individually for products that have already been grouped together. For this reason, they might end up clicking a more expensive cut of steak out of convenience if they see it in your Collection rather than browsing all of the options in the beef category. By up-selling pricier items in your Collections, you may start to see customers spending more.

Boost revenue with similar, and like items

Not only is it convenient for your customers to see salsa right by the tortilla chips, but sometimes strategically placed items are a huge part of getting customers to buy more than they intended to. With Collections, a customer who only planned to purchase eggs for breakfast may be inspired to also add ham, cheese, peppers, and onion to their cart after seeing your suggestions for an omelet. Get creative with the products you promote together in a Collection to see your average basket sizes grow.

Draw attention to seasonal items, and grow basket sizes

Whether it’s summer picnic season or the winter holidays – your online grocery store shoppers are in the market for specific foods. Business owners in the grocery industry can capitalize on this need by creating collections that directly relate to this need, driving grocery order value up and growing basket size.

Taking the time to map out a strategy for your Collections can lead to a great return on investment and a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience for your customers.

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