Oct 20, 2020

Introducing your new shopping experience


It’s been a busy few months here at Rosie. Like many in the grocery industry, we’ve been focused on how we can build both our team and our offering to give independent retailers the resources they need to scale their online business and support their local communities.

Our solution: create a refreshed and reimagined version of Rosie’s customer shopping experience, built on the newest technology with bleeding-edge design and powerful merchandising features.

Please welcome your new Shop – the next-level shopping experience for you and your customers.

This is a screenshot of Shop home screen with Hero, Top, and Bottom panels

Why the new Shop?

Rosie’s mission is to be the most trusted, locally-focused ecommerce company, where your customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online from your online stores.

Part of fulfilling that mission is to make sure you have the tools and technology to compete and win against larger grocery giants.

Your new shopping experience empowers you to exceed your competitor’s offering, by providing a retailer-branded customer journey that builds brand loyalty and delivers delight. Today’s shopper expects a personalized and dynamic experience, which we’ve kept top-of-mind as we develop and ideate our product.

What are the benefits?

Shop offers dynamic and easy to manage digital merchandising tools that are fully controlled by you, the retailer. Merchandising tools, like hero and marketing panels, provide further branding capabilities and control to Rosie Professional and Enterprise tier-retailers. You can capitalize on seasonality and major events by offering tailored category recommendations to the customer, showing them the right products at the right time.  

In addition, Shop is built on a modern codebase that allows our team to take advantage of the latest technology, helping us to attract top talent and release best-in-class features in rapid development cycles. This advanced toolkit drives new feature development and ensures you stay in front of whatever’s next.

What are the benefits for your shoppers?

In addition to providing you a new avenue to connect and engage with their audience, your new shopping experience provides a modern and intuitive shopper journey based on UI/UX best practices. The fresh and dynamic front page content gives your customers plenty of reasons to keep shopping, and better navigation tools to keep their experience simple and enjoyable.

We know that Shop is going to elevate and transform both the retailer and shopper experience, and represents a pivotal step forward in Rosie’s impact on the grocery industry. Your continued partnership makes our new offering possible, and we appreciate your support every step of the way.