Aug 26, 2020

Meet Jon Mareane

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Rosie.

This summer, we’ve had multiple retailers kick off their ecommerce platform. Many ask what it takes to bring an online store to life, and who better to speak with than one of our most seasoned Onboarding Specialists.

Read on to learn about the man behind the mission, as Jon Mareane gives us a sneak peek into the essential (and pretty awesome) process that puts our partners in a position to succeed.

Introductions, please! What do you do at Rosie?

I’m Jon Mareane, and I work on the Onboarding team here at Rosie. I’ve been here about two years now.

Our job in Onboarding lies at the crossroads of consulting and project management – we take retailers from just having a big ole’ file with lots of information on their products to having a beautiful ecommerce site and an expertly trained ecommerce team.

How did your journey begin with Team Rosie?

I found myself in this position after a few years working as a writer in Durham, NC after my father here in Ithaca was diagnosed with cancer (spoiler alert, he’s all good). If you’ve ever had someone you love go through chemo, you know how tough it is to find something they find edible, and what’s considered edible vacillates wildly based on the day. Grocery trips are frequent and often anxiety-inducing, given the impact of chemo on the immune system.

When I learned Rosie offered online grocery in an ethical and sustainable manner for independent grocers I was 1.) surprised I didn’t know about this earlier and 2.) interested in joining the team to help folks like my family.

You dedicate a lot of time with retailers to help them fully understand Rosie’s platform and how to incorporate online into their retail strategy. What advice would you give a retailer who might be intimidated by an online platform?

Yeah, good question. Firstly, you’re in good hands. Not to brag, but Onboarding is the best team at Rosie.

The short answer is it’s not as hard as you think. We’re here to take as much setup work off your plate as you’d like, and we’re with you and accessible every step of the way. If you want the world’s most custom, expansive ecommerce program history has ever seen, we can do that. If you want to launch fast and lean with basic settings and product data, we can do that. Engagement is key – if we’re in lock step and knocking out tasks together, we can get you online quickly no matter how sophisticated you’d like your program to be.

Onboarding is the first step on the Rosie platform. What do retailers have the chance to learn from you and your team?

Tough question. Lots. Rosie is as simple or as sophisticated as you want. We’ll work with you on almost anything, from the technical aspects of your file formats, to the finer points of product beautification and photography, to working with you on developing communication strategies for launch. We’re jacks of all trades, and masters of most.

What items are currently in your Rosie cart?

Yellowbird Ghost Pepper Condiment, Diet Coke, Michelob Ultra. I treat the lining of my stomach as my enemy.