Nov 2, 2016

Minier’s Supermarket Partners with Rosie to Offer Full Service Online Shopping

Ithaca, N.Y. (November 2nd, 2016) – Minier’s Supermarket, a family-owned and operated business in Big Flats, New York, has provided customers with superior service for more than 140 years. Today marks a new chapter in that tradition with the launch of Minier’s Express, an e-commerce service powered by Rosie that makes it easy and convenient for customers to shop for groceries online.

“In the eight years I’ve been with Minier’s, this is by far the most innovative and exciting service we’ve offered,” said Paul Minier, president. “As the first store in our market to offer an e-commerce option, not only can we better serve our current customers but this opens the door to the entire community. Partnering with Rosie gives our customers access to a completely new and exciting way of shopping for groceries that’s convenient and enjoyable.”

To use Minier’s Express, shoppers simply log on via the web or mobile app and select from the same shelf products, fresh meat, produce, dairy and frozen items that are available in-store. Once the order is placed, a trained shopper selects the best products available in the store. Customers can schedule a time at their convenience for delivery or curbside pick-up.

“The fast, affordable Minier’s Express service is another way we help customers make their lives easier, whether they’re looking to save on time and hassle or can’t travel,” says Minier. “For our business, collaborating with Rosie has opened up a new revenue stream that will be very important for the success of Minier’s moving forward. Rosie has walked us through the onboarding steps, teaching us best practices along the way.”

Minier’s Supermarket is a member of Olean Wholesale Grocery Cooperative in Olean, New York.

“We at Olean Wholesale ​Grocery know that having a presence in e-commerce will be vital to the future success of our independent retail members,” said Bob Ketchner, president and chief executive officer, Olean Wholesale Grocery Cooperative. “We’re fortunate to be able to offer our members an
e-commerce solution through our nearly four-year partnership with Rosie. The Rosie team is very progressive and always looking for ways to improve their solution.  Our members are in very good hands with Rosie.”

Rosie, an industry leading online grocery shopping platform for mobile and web, is the ideal partner for independent grocers to launch online shopping. Rosie’s easy start-up process, low start-up expenses, complete marketing support, and comprehensive customer service, combined with the software’s interoperability and integration with grocers’ other technology, enable grocers to be first to market with online shopping.

“We’re thrilled that Minier’s selected Rosie as its e-commerce partner,” said Nick Nickitas, chief executive officer, Rosie. “Our companies share the same philosophy that continuously focusing on offering the next and highest levels of customer service is essential for growth and success. We look forward to being a part of the ongoing growth and success of Minier’s Express.”



The industry leading online grocery shopping platform for mobile and web, Rosie launched in 2012 and today enables customers to shop online from their favorite local stores for same-day delivery or in-store pickup. Rosie partners with leading independent retailers and their wholesalers to provide eCommerce, delivery opportunities, omni-channel marketing and deep data services. Rosie serves as the preferred eCommerce partner by a variety of wholesale cooperatives, such as Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG), Associated Food Stores (AFS), CERTCO, Olean Wholesale Grocers, and Associated Grocers of New England, and powers the online shopping platforms of major local retailers like Niemann Foods Inc., Broulim’s, Macey’s, Clark’s Market, and Buehler’s Fresh Foods. IBM selected Rosie as the Top Startup in North America in its 2014 IBM Smartcamp Competition. Visit for company information and to sign up for a free account. For Rosie news and downloadable media assets, visit here. To see firsthand what retailers and their customers think about Rosie,  check out this video. Like us on facebook. Follow us on twitter.