Jul 20, 2021

News Release: 80% of Grocery Shoppers Plan to Continue Ordering Online As Often or More in the Next 12 Months, According to Rosie Customer Survey


Rosie, the leading ecommerce solution for independent retailers and wholesalers, surveyed over 5,000 online grocery shoppers in June 2021 to gain insight into their shopping habits.

According to survey results, most shoppers (80%) plan to continue placing grocery orders online at the same rate or more in the coming 12 months. Additionally, the most popular reason customers shop online is to save themselves a trip to the grocery store and/or avoid lines (50%), with COVID/safety concerns at only 18%.

Key findings:

  • 80% of survey respondents said they would continue using online grocery ecommerce services in the next 12 months, the same as or more than they currently do now. This includes 87% of millennial respondents (ages 24-40) and 78% of Gen X/Baby Boomers (41-70+).
  • 50% of all respondents said they use grocery ecommerce providers, like Rosie, to avoid a trip to the store/avoid lines while only 18% said it was due to COVID/safety concerns. Saving time was the most popular reason for the youngest demographic, Gen Z (23 and under) at 45%.
  • In-store signage and word of mouth were the most popular ways for customers to learn about their local retailer’s online program. 43% of millennials and 31% of Gen X/Baby Boomers learned about ecommerce through signs in-store. Word of mouth traveled to 18% of millennial respondents and 19% of Gen X/Baby Boomers.

“The online guests using Rosie to save time, save money, access groceries, and safely acquire food for themselves and their families are the lifeblood of Rosie and Rosie’s retailer partners. Our focus is on the customer experience and we’ve implemented this survey to learn more directly from them. The findings help our retailer partners with suggested operational improvements and give grocers new proven ideas to expand their online programs. Internally, our teams will use this updated information to build better software and to update best practices for servicing shoppers and their favorite local retailers,” said Dave Makar, Chief Customer Officer at Rosie.

This was the first customer survey Rosie has issued since the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants in the survey had either created a Rosie account or placed at least one online order with a Rosie retailer since January 1, 2020.

Earlier this year, Rosie completed a $10 million round of Series A funding, enabling the team to introduce new tools to enhance the shopper and retailer experience, launch new products to provide a seamless omnichannel journey for shoppers at home, in-store, or on-the-go, further invest in monetization opportunities to increase retailer profitability, and recruit the best and brightest talent to accelerate product development.

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