Jul 30, 2022

Remote and flexible work best practices for independent grocery

Labor shortages–once thought to be a systemic symptom of the pandemic are not going away any time soon.  Job opportunities are abundant, and people have many more options when looking for work. People are also seeking healthy work life balance when considering new jobs.  These are just two of many things retailers and wholesalers in grocery to attract and retain talent. 

There is good news. Flexible and remote work options have proven to be effective solutions for the labor shortage in the short-run, and also game changers forcing the industry to rethink their grocery workforce paradigm.

In a recent webinar hosted in partnership with the National Grocers Association(NGA), Nick Nickitas, founder and CEO for Rosie, Jane Hill, talent management team leader for Salt Lake City based Associated Food Stores, and Jodi Drake, ecommerce lead for Utah based Davis Food & Drug engage in a lively webinar discussion to talk about remote and flexible work best practices.  

In the webinar, Nick, Jane, and Jodi shared experiences and strategies at Davis Food & Drug, Associated Food Stores, and Rosie that have proven highly effective.  They explored key questions many retailers today are grappling with as they respond to the changing workforce landscape. What is working to retain existing great talent? How to attract and hire new talent when the job market is so competitive? How do departments and companies adapt for remote workers? How are traditional work shifts and schedules changing? What does the new balance of full-time and part-time workers look like today?  Questions, every independent retailer needs to keep in mind in order to stay competitive for recruiting and retaining talent today to grow their business into tomorrow.

Watch the webinar here