Jul 14, 2016

Rosie and Olean Wholesale Grocery Cooperative Announce Major Expansion of their eCommerce Partnership

Rosie to provide increased omni-channel marketing support for all Olean members

Ithaca, N.Y. (July 14, 2016) – Rosie, a leader in grocery eCommerce technology and services, today announced a major expansion of its partnership with Olean Wholesale Grocery Cooperative, Inc., a cooperative serving independent grocery stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. After assessing the success of online shopping over the past three years in suburb and rural markets, Olean Wholesale will offer enhanced eCommerce services via Rosie to all of its member retailers.

For current and new locations, Rosie will now provide omni-channel marketing support for Olean Wholesale members to maximize their eCommerce programs. Member stores will have access to digital and strategic guidance through Rosie, including webinar and email development, technical support and marketing strategy to help retailers acquire and retain customers.

“We’ve reviewed the options in the industry and Rosie, time and again, demonstrates that they are the highest value and lowest cost provider of eCommerce solutions for our members,” said Bob Ketchner, chief executive officer, Olean Wholesale Grocer Cooperative. “Our members have been satisfied and very pleased with the level of service, support and quality they’ve received from the entire Rosie organization. We strongly recommend Rosie to any wholesaler looking for a turnkey eCommerce platform that will generate results for their independent members.”

Trumansburg Shur-Save Supermarket, an Olean member retailer who has used Rosie’s eCommerce program and omni-channel marketing services since 2013 confirmed: “Rosie provides a fantastic service that is extremely reliable and flexible. Rosie’s experts respond to all our online shopping questions and requirements, no matter how complex or urgent,” said Bret Seafuse, owner of Trumansburg Shur-Save. “We simplified a confusing and unknown eCommerce business model and chose to work with Rosie because they eliminated the risk associated with online shopping. Additionally, Rosie helped us save at least 78% of our annual software license budget. We continue to be surprised and delighted by how much value Rosie delivers.”

Based on the recommendation of Trumansburg Shur-save and other Olean members, Miniers Bros. Inc. is an Olean Wholesale member that chose Rosie in July 2016 as its eCommerce provider. According to Paul Miner, president of Minier Bros. Inc. and general manager of Miniers Supermarket, offering eCommerce is vital to his store remaining a viable option for consumers.

“This gives us an outlet to reach potential demographics we aren’t currently serving to their full potential, including Millennials or working professionals who are looking for convenience-oriented services,” said Miner. “The Rosie app is a remarkable product with a team behind it that’s constantly working to make the service better and more useful for both the end consumer and partnering business. Offering this type of service to our customers will play a major role in ensuring we are a relevant business in the future.”

Olean is Rosie’s longest running wholesale partnership, dating to 2013.

“Olean Wholesale Grocers is leveraging Rosie’s competitive eCommerce offering with our digital marketing experience and expertise to provide its members with a strategic advantage in driving the digital customer’s path to purchase,” said Nick Nickitas, CEO, Rosie. “Over the past three years, we’re thrilled that we’ve been able to consistently implement successful omni-channel customer engagement to grow revenue and acquire new customers for Olean retailers and deliver delight to their guests.”



Founded in 1922, Olean has conducted business for the sole benefit of independent retail grocers, and is committed to offer its members the lowest cost of goods combined with the highest quality of retail services. www.oleanwholesale.com/




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