Feb 16, 2021

News release: Rosie Introduces Collections, a Brand-New Merchandising Functionality, to Online Shop

Ithaca, NY (February 8, 2021)Rosie, the leading ecommerce solution for independent grocers and wholesalers, has added a brand-new merchandising capability to their online shopping experience: Collections. The new functionality allows retailers more control over the way they market products on Shop, Rosie’s new online experience launched in Q4 of 2020.

By grouping related products into Collections, retailers can promote specific segments of their inventory, such as seasonal products, sale items, or local specialities. Collections drive customers to new product categories specific to the retailer, allowing them to discover new products handpicked by their local independent grocer. Retailers can also do what they cannot in-store, like group perishable and non-perishable items together, creating a digital end cap.

“Collections allow us to creatively showcase our most popular products and our stores most unique items,” noted Corry Lankford, Director of Ecommerce at Brookshire Brothers. “We work closely with local businesses in our community. Our customers shop with us versus the big brand store down the road, because they know they can find specialty, high-quality items they can’t find elsewhere. We can now batch these products together in a ‘Support Local’ Collection, to help drive traffic to the products most valuable to our store and community.”

Retailers benefit from the ability to increase sales conversions by promoting specific segments of their product inventory. It’s never been easier to nudge customers towards certain goods or put speciality items from different departments all in one place. Possible uses for a Collection include:

  • Seasonal occasions
  • Meal planning & recipes
  • Vendor sponsored promotions
  • Local & speciality products
  • Cross-department items customers might want to buy together, such as ground beef, sliced cheese, ketchup, and hamburger buns for a summer cookout
Image of Founder & CEO Nick Nickitas with pull out from his quote

“Collections gives retailers full control over the products they want to merchandise most, regardless of their department,” explained Nick Nickitas, Founder & CEO. “We’ve brought the custom-curated local experience online, enabling retailers to delight shoppers in the same way they can in-store, from highlighting seasonal items to encouraging discovery of new products and experiences.”

Since the company’s inception in 2013, Rosie has built relationships with hundreds of retailers nationwide, standing by a mission of delivering smart, delightfully easy online groceries. Through strategic partnerships across the country, Rosie connects independent retailers with new customers through an agile, ecommerce platform.

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