Feb 3, 2021

Rosie Closes $10 Million Series A Financing

Rosie’s vision is to be the most trusted, locally focused, ecommerce company, where customers can discover anything they might want to buy online from local stores. To deliver on this promise, and go beyond our partners’ expectations, our team is thrilled to announce that Rosie has completed a $10 million round of financing led by Avenue Growth Partners.

We started Rosie to level the playing field so that leading local retailers could compete with national chains and online marketplaces. Your local grocer is one of over 21,000 stores across the country providing food access and security while creating stable, reliable jobs for their community. At the very heart of our purpose is the success of the independent grocer. We are determined to lead the technological transformation of this industry through our unwavering commitment to our retailer, wholesaler, and brand partners.

This round of funding enables us to:

  • Introduce new features and tools to enhance the shopper and retailer experience
  • Launch new products to provide a seamless omnichannel journey for shoppers at home, in-store, or on-the-go
  • Further invest in monetization opportunities to increase retailer profitability
  • Connect Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands of all sizes to customers shopping online from their favorite local retailers.
  • Recruit the best and brightest to accelerate product development and strengthen our market leadership position

2020 was a critical year, where the demand for online grocery reached unprecedented levels. We saw a 900 percent increase in stores signed during the pandemic versus pre-COVID-19, and launched best-in-class features that gave retailers full control over their store’s ecommerce program and customer relationships. Our fearless retailer partners took online shopping to the next level with new digital merchandising and marketing capabilities. We led the industry with our Cater module, which made it easier than ever for shoppers to place online orders for prepared food like dinner for four, a custom sandwich, or catered events. And lastly, to support our rapidly expanding customer base, we grew our incredible team, which tripled in size!

Our success is dependent on our ability to partner with great companies that share our values and determination. We are grateful to all of our retailer, wholesaler, and brand partners for being with us on this journey. Adjustments we will make. Directions we will change. Strategies we will refine. However, our purpose, which is the success of local retail, will endure indefinitely.

Nick Nickitas

Founder & CEO, Rosie