Jun 2, 2021

The best grocery ecommerce solution

How to sell groceries online, build upon your customer base, and increase your revenue.

As an independent grocery business owner, you might know exactly what makes your in-store customers tick – whether it’s a seasonal end cap, a unique promotion, or offering pre-order on your prepared foods.

But have you considered the impact to your bottom line, if you were able to expand that audience base with online grocery? In fact, Rosie grocery retailers have reported that average basket value is up to 4x higher online than in-store.

So what’re you waiting for? On this page, you’ll find out not only what ecommerce really means in the grocery industry, but also a deep dive into what the best ecommerce software is for independent retailers like you.

What is Ecommerce for Grocery?

Ecommerce for grocery is the ability to sell your products online, whether they’re the signature prepared foods that have people lining up down the block, or they’re the pantry staples every household should have.

We know, you might be asking yourself “Well, how do I make an online grocery website?” but leave it to us, and our expert retailer onboarding and account management teams.

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Which Grocery ecommerce software is right for you?

There are several ecommerce solutions on the market, but it’s important that you know not all are created equal. When making your decision, knowing exactly what features you would have at your disposal, and what customer support is at your fingertips, is crucial. Take a look at our comparison table below, to help you make the best decision for your business.

A Breakdown of the Features:

Choosing the best grocery ecommerce software can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’ve broken out some of the features we’re comparing against, so you can understand what they are and why they’re beneficial for your business.

Pricing Tiers

Every ecommerce platform is going to come with a cost, but ultimately, you should be seeing a return on that spend. Choosing the plan that makes most sense for your business is an important step in the process of developing an online grocery store – and remember, while spending $200 a month on your ecommerce partner may feel like a lot, you’re saving money if you compare it to developing and maintaining your own ecommerce site. Online grocery should be paying for itself if you take the time to use every feature it offers.

Rosie offers a range of plan options, from complete guidance to a more budget friendly option.

Account Management

Depending on how tech savvy you are, and how much time you have spare to dedicate to learning how to best utilize Rosie in your individual business, opting for a plan that includes one-on-one account management might be the best route for you.

Alongside an expert onboarding team that leads you through the technical integration, all Rosie’s Professional and Enterprise plans include a dedicated team member focused on your store’s needs.

Retailer Branded, Fully Functional Ecommerce Site

Whatever provider you choose, it should be easy for new and loyal customers alike to find your ecommerce grocery store. To assist in this, your grocery ecommerce solution will be entirely branded as your store, to own your customer relationships and prevent confusion.

Rosie offers a modern ecommerce option, fully branded to your company – giving your customers the best possible shopping experience, from start to finish.

One-Click Checkout

Whether you’re competing against Amazon, or the big brand down the street, the easiest way to increase online grocery sales is to streamline the checkout process for your customers. One-click checkout enables returning customers to place orders with the click of a mouse by saving information such as payment details, address, and preferred order fulfillment.

Rosie’s one-click checkout can increase conversions by almost 40%, making it faster for shoppers to complete their purchase and increasing revenue for independent grocers.

Prepared Foods and Custom Catering

Are you known for your hoagie platter? Or maybe your freshly baked cookies? Whatever it is that has the community lining up out of the door – now, you can sell it online and in store, increasing average basket value and upping your margins!

Rosie Retailer partners offer meal solutions, signature sandwiches, and custom catering online with our add-on module, Cater. Some of the most unique, sought after products are crafted by local retailers, and now you can bring customizable options online to your customers for an experience they can’t find anywhere else.

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