Jul 27, 2021

Why every independent grocer should offer rewards and loyalty online


Any independent grocer knows how much their shoppers want to take advantage of sales, promotions, and loyalty. Retailers who hope to cultivate a loyal customer base understand that offering the best deal to their shoppers is an essential part of winning their business. Rosie understands this too, which is why we believe so strongly in our partnership with AppCard, a leading loyalty and rewards integration that uses artificial intelligence to gain useful insights into your customers every time they shop and deliver rewards to our retailers’ online stores.

AppCard is the next generation of customer engagement, and Rosie is proud to join forces. For retailers looking to take advantage of personalized marketing, digital coupons, and shopper analytics, this is the perfect integration to connect to your Rosie store. Your shoppers can easily sign up using just their mobile phone number to receive digital receipt and specialty loyalty pricing, earn points and rewards, and receive in-store promos when they’re shopping online.

Here are the top reasons every independent retailer should adopt a rewards and loyalty program for their online store:

Jumpstart first-time sales

Offering some type of incentive to shop with you is often the most successful method to attract first-time customers. It makes sense then that new buyers who have a coupon code are more likely to try out your offer, which leads to more sales for you and an expansion of your potential customer base.

Increase basket size

There’s quite a bit of data to back up the premise that customers spend more when they are using sales or discounts. For example, 77% of customers spend up to $50 more when using a discount code. If you’re looking for a simple way to increase your customers’ spending at your store, offering discount codes and promotions are a low effort, high return way to do so.

Bring in-store promos online

At Rosie, we’re all about helping independent grocers translate their in-store experience online. One fantastic way to offer the same quality of in-store service online is to offer the same great deals online as you have at your brick-and-mortar. Make it just as easy for your customers to shop online as they do in-store and you’ll see your online orders increase.

Improve customer loyalty

If you don’t already offer your loyal customers rewards for shopping with you, now is the time to start! It’s common knowledge that the best chance you have to grow your revenue is through your customers who already know and love you rather than expanding your customer base alone. In fact, existing customers are 9x more likely to convert than first-time buyers. Strengthen those ties with your regulars by rewarding them today.

Offer the digital capabilities of a nationwide chain

A core part of Rosie’s vision is giving independent retailers the tools they need to offer a quality online experience that stands toe-to-toe with that of big box stores like Kroger and Walmart. The service that AppCard delivers similarly equips retailers with all the digital capabilities they need to surpass customer expectations without breaking the bank.

If this sounds like it would be right up your alley, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today to learn more about how your online program could benefit from rewards and loyalty like those that AppCard offers.