Sep 7, 2021

4 social media tips you need to drive your customers online


As an independent retailer, social media plays an essential role in spreading awareness of your online shopping program. It is vital to create a presence online to increase engagement and encourage more users to sign up with your store, and is a great way to show your customers who you are and why they should shop with you. In addition, you may even expand your audience with one click of a button.

So, how do you utilize social media? No worries, Rosie’s got your back with 4 quick tips!

Write the perfect caption

There are a few things retailers need to remember when creating a social media caption for their grocery store. Focus on the intention of your post and why you are making it. Are you trying to connect with your audience? Are you promoting a new item? Captions should be straight to the point and never too lengthy. Utilize hashtags properly by using no more than three and find out what is currently trending so more people will stumble upon your posts.

When it comes to communicating about your online program, be proud of it! Promote your program with a CTA (Call to Action). A CTA is necessary as it encourages users to take on a specific action related to online shopping.

If you’re promoting new bakery items, post a mouth-watering image with a CTA like “Order with us online here!” and include a link directly to the items.

Image of Belmont Market's Facebook post

Create an image that fits your brand

When picking an image for your post, ensure that you are using a high-quality picture. Beware of using blurry images or graphics with errors in them. Your photo will help your audience engage and show them what they should be buying.

Use design and social media tools, like Canva, to assist the process of creation. Canva is a free program to design images using your store’s colors and logos. Additionally, they have excellent templates you can use to develop graphics of your own.

Image of Yokes Fresh Market's Instagram post with oranges on a phone

Promote products with direct linking

An easy way for retailers to promote items on social media is through direct linking (also known as deep linking). It allows retailers to copy and paste URLs to various pages on their online store. Share these links on your social media to drive customers to the items you want them to buy. For instance, add an Instagram post with your latest Labor Day Collection, and link that page directly so that customers can go straight to your site and buy all their last-minute BBQ needs.

Direct linking will also make it easy for customers to share your online store with their networks, by resharing social posts or forwarding them to friends and family. With this effortless tool, retailers can increase customer awareness of their store and get their audience excited about their latest specials and products.

Image of Dash's Market's Facebook post with an image of their meat section

Have fun with it

Ultimately, have fun with it! Engage customers with images and video testimonials. Post your store’s favorite recipes for special occasions and holidays. Give customers polls and ask questions like favorite pizza toppings or must-have side dishes. Sometimes, memes can make your page relatable or entertaining. Be engaging and always encourage your audience to share with their friends and family.

These are just a few tips that retailers can use for their social networks! Social media is one of the best ways to get those audiences engaged and ready to shop online.

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