Mar 29, 2021

Drive customer engagement with our latest marketing tool

Social media is a must when it comes to online shopping and retail marketing. In fact, close to one fifth of American consumers report clicking on products they want to buy from their social media channels. To help retailers drive shoppers to their site, Rosie has released a brand new feature to let retailers like you to share your products across all your communication channels: direct linking.

Direct linking (also known as deep linking) allows you to create unique URLs for various parts of your ecommerce site. Use these on social media, in email marketing, on your website and more to drive your customers to the items you want them to shop. For example, the next time you create a Facebook post with your latest seasonal Collection, link to that page directly so your customers can navigate straight to your site from social media and browse your items in one-click.

These are the areas of your online shop supported by direct linking:

  • Weekly Ads
  • Collections
  • Departments
  • Search queries
  • Individuals products
  • Special categories, such as Most Popular

It’s easy to create a seamless omnichannel experience by allowing customers to navigate to your online shop from other digital channels. Customers appreciate the ability to jump to the products they want to shop most in one simple click. This also makes it easy for your customers to share your online store with the people in their network, by resharing social media posts or forwarding them to family and friends.

Direct linking is a simple way to promote your items across the web like never before. By making your presence stronger online, you increase customer awareness of your ecommerce store and offer a seamless, omnichannel experience that keeps people engaged and excited about your latest campaigns, from holiday products, speciality homemade items, or your store’s current specials.  For current Rosie Retailers, our Help Center article on direct linking goes in depth on the customer experience and how to find and generate these links.