May 23, 2022

Do More with your Online Store: 6 Rosie Strategies for Increasing Profitability


You set up your online ordering for pick up or delivery–during a global pandemic no less, and now that things are returning to normal you might think you can just go back to to the way things were before Covid? Not so.

The grocery landscape permanently changed because of the pandemic. Online shopping, bricks-meet-click, BOPIS–these are here to stay, but having an online presence alone is simply not enough anymore. More and more food competition is entering the ecommerce arena–especially in the form of groceries–and the rules of the game  are changing too. While it may be more competitive today than 2 years, ago, you also have the best tools at hand to own ecommerce when you partner with Rosie.

The digital shelves at Rosie are rapidly changing to make the shopper experience digitally more delightful, accessible, helpful and above all else to drive sales–more of them and bigger transactions.

As the most trusted ecommerce partner independent grocers choose today, Rosie delivers cutting edge omnichannel online shopping tools and customer support you need to win at ecommerce.  Our software is ever-changing to adapt to the needs of our retailers and we are outpacing other independent grocer ecommerce providers to bring you the seamless integration you need to grows your sales quickly and efficiently. Rosie makes it easy to customize and tailor your customer’s digital shopping experience to reflect the same great branded experience they feel when they shop inside your store.  With Rosie’s ecommerce software powering your independent grocery store online you will increase your profitability and deliver the same great experience as in store to your customers’ fingertips.

Here are 6 strategies you can implement right away with Rosie to sell more groceries online to your shoppers.

1. Implement online SNAP payments

Accessibility is a more crucial than ever before. In 2021, over 41.5 million Americans in the U.S. received SNAP EBT benefit to help put food on their tables, accepting online SNAP payments breaks down a significant payment barrier for your local customers by enabling families using SNAP to buy groceries online for pickup or delivery, thus increasing convenient access to healthy food options.

2. Bring your fresh & ready and catering online

Increase your sales by making your signature dishes, catered platters, ready-to-go meals and deli custom orders available to shoppers online. Rosie’s Cater features option pricing that allows shoppers to customize their order with premium add-ons and schedule orders days in advance.

3. Launch a retailer-branded mobile app

60% of online grocery shoppers are placing their orders through their mobile devices. Stand out from the competition with your own dedicated mobile grocery app. Build up your customers’ shopper loyalty with an easy tap to open your mobile app.

4. Focus on digital merchandising

Rosie’s digital shelves offer collections and displays that are even better than endcaps in-store because our shelves don’t need temperature controlled environments. You can mix and match cooler items with canned goods and organize displays for every social event and holiday. Help your customers shop for everything they forgot they needed!

5. Drive private label sales online

In-store, they sit on shelves in the shadow of branded CPG titans backed by national ad campaigns. With Rosie, in addition to highlighting popular foods, you also can create collections that highlight your private label brands that net you a higher margin and also appeal to your budget-conscious shoppers.

6. Enhance vendor shopper marketing contribution

At Rosie, we also help drive sales of branded products in your store through partnership advertising with consumer packaged goods your shoppers are buying.

In our May Rosie Fireside Chat with retailers, we provide in-depth, step-by-step guidance how to increase their sales. Interested in turbo charging your profitability online? Get in touch with us today.