Apr 14, 2016

Accelitec, Rosie Collaborate to Drive More Revenue, Higher Shopper Engagement

Combined Online Shopping with Deep Loyalty Integration Increases Multiple Retailer KPIs

Ithaca, NY (April 14, 2016) – When Broulim’s Fresh Foods implemented online shopping at its stores, it was powered by a unique offering combining the Rosie Applications, Inc. eCommerce Suite with a deep integration to Broulim’s existing loyalty platform from Accelitec, Inc. The program was immediately embraced by Broulim’s customers and has delivered revenue and order volume exceeding program goals.

“By integrating Rosie’s eCommerce suite with the Broulim’s Plus loyalty program, we’ve been able to grow our online shopping service,” said Scott Zahrn, sales manager, Broulim’s Fresh Foods. “Our customers don’t need to worry about losing any of their loyalty benefits when shopping online. Through our Broulim’s Plus program, online shoppers gain points and valuable promotions that are all easily trackable through Rosie’s app. In addition, our online customers are automatically entered into contests and giveaways by submitting their loyalty card into Rosie’s digital wallet.”

For example, Broulim’s is currently giving away a $6,000 drift boat to a customer in the Broulim’s Plus program. The added visibility delivered by online shopping provides a greater incentive for companies to donate products for promotions like this.

“The seamless combination of eCommerce and loyalty lets us deliver the kind of shopping experience that our increasingly technologically savvy shoppers expect,” said Zahrn “We’re very pleased that our online shopping program is drawing new customers to our stores, giving us an expanded footprint in a competitive market.”

The joint offering by Rosie and Accelitec allows shoppers to engage seamlessly with Rosie’s online shopping service, Broulim’s Fresh Foods Online, while maintaining access to strong loyalty benefits: discovering promotions, earning and redeeming rewards, and managing their accounts, delivering a powerful combination that is unique in the grocery landscape. The joint program automatically syncs all in-store and online shopping activity with each customer’s rewards account. Therefore, whether the purchase is made in-store or ordered online for in-store pickup or home delivery, all coupons, discounts, promotions and campaigns are aggregated in one place.

Peter Gruman, President of Accelitec, said, “Shopper responses nationwide to the rapid growth in grocery ecommerce, whether offered by retailers or third parties, independents or the nationals, indicate it may well be a competitive requirement for grocers. Linking the power and flexibility of Rosie’s eCommerce suite with Accelitec’s loyalty platform gives our retailers a real advantage in meeting shopper expectations.”

Rosie and Accelitec are working with independent grocers around the country to bring their comprehensive service to new markets based on consumer demand.

“There is clear shopper support for combining loyalty and ecommerce offerings,” continued Jon Ambrose, Rosie COO. “This is a new digital tool that provides a consumer-friendly experience and improves key shopper metrics such as frequency and per-visit spend. In a fast-moving and very competitive market, it also helps retailers protect their existing customer base and win new shoppers.”



The industry leading online grocery shopping platform for mobile and web, Rosie launched in July 2013 and today enables customers to shop online from their favorite local stores for same-day delivery or in-store pickup. Rosie partners with leading local retailers and their wholesalers to provide e-commerce, delivery opportunities, omni-channel marketing and deep data services. IBM selected Rosie as the Top Startup in North America in its 2014 IBM Smartcamp Competition. Visit rosieapp.com for company information and to sign up for a free account. Like us at fb.com/rosieapp. Follow us on twitter.com/rosieapp.



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