Nov 2, 2017

Change your results, switch to Rosie

When underperforming grocery eCommerce departments of leading US retailers want help – they call Rosie.

For the last three years, retailers across the country, from Connecticut to Washington state, have switched to the Rosie platform from providers who did not fully serve the retailer’s needs. Retailers choose to switch to Rosie with one goal: build their eCommerce programs into a high-growth business unit. Though switching eCommerce providers can seem like a daunting task, Rosie’s experienced team makes the transition to Rosie seamless for you, your customers, and your employees.

If you’re not getting the results you want from eCommerce, it’s time to make a change. Rosie will use best practices to guide you and your team during each step of the transition process.

Dedicated Project Manager Assigned to your Business

Rosie is not just an eCommerce provider, we are a business partner. Rosie is dedicated to partnering with you and provides experienced project managers with business and technical experience whose only job is to prepare your stores for eCommerce success.

Detailed Project Plan with Timeline and Milestones

Your Project Manager will have scheduled calls with you and your team each week during the transition process to keep you on track. Each task necessary to switch to Rosie has a timeline and this timeline will be clear throughout the transition. As your business partner, Rosie’s goal is to understand your goals by documenting and then maintaining clear and open communication appropriately.

Clear Documentation of all Technology Requirements (POS, Loyalty, Internal IT, and more)

It’s best to know ahead of time exactly what is required of your technology department to integrate completely with Rosie. Our team will provide you with clear documentation of all technology requirements.

“Before we switched to Rosie, our service provider was not setting us up for the future. There was no mobile app, ability to pay online, or functionality to offer delivery. What we found with Rosie was a partner who was focused on the future. They continue to listen to retailers and focus their time on making the site, software, and operations process better. We would highly recommend to any grocer a switch to Rosie.”

Rosie Retailer who switched to Rosie in 2015

Marketing Guidance to Better Engage Current Customers and Acquire New Customers

Our in-house marketing professionals will work with you to analyze your current eCommerce program results. They will look at who is shopping, how often, and why. They will also identify missed opportunities (including entire customer segments) and create a plan to engage those future customers. This includes recommending specific channels and tactics to use (i.e. social media, video, in-store print campaigns) as well as the content to use (i.e. graphic design creation, copywriting, video production). Rosie’s award-winning marketing team is here to support your eCommerce business with direct services and documented best practices for marketing your state-of-the-art eCommerce program.

On-site Training and Consulting

Available to all Enterprise retailers and available by request to Professional retailers, Rosie’s team is able to visit your stores, configure your site, and train your teams in-person. This goes beyond how to use the provided tablets and scan guns, it also includes the following operational and customer service topics:

  • Best practices for order storage area layouts and equipment to utilize
  • Best practices for order hand-off to customers for curbside pickup and home delivery
  • Training your accounting/finance teams on how to use Rosie’s financial reporting system
  • Training order pickers to increase both speed and accuracy
  • Identify areas in-store for effective marketing and customer engagement opportunities
  • Reviewing Rosie Data Analytics to use data to maximize your online offering
Rosie's onsite implementation team helps an Enterprise Tier retailer team learn about using the system.
A member of Rosie’s onsite implementation team helps an Enterprise Tier retailer team learn hands-on how to use the system to efficiently pick orders.