May 2, 2022

Enhancing the Guest & Employee Experience Amid a Labor Shortage

Recently, Rosie partnered with the National Grocers Association to host the second module in its joint webinar series on workforce development.  Leading grocer experts included Chris Gentry, owner of Madison Foods in Ennis, Montana; Cheryl Kerr, employee experience specialist at Buehler’s Fresh Foods in Ohio, with Rosie CEO and founder Nick Nickitas moderating.  In the webinar Nick, Chris, and Cheryl discussed what it takes to manage employees in a post-pandemic era when general uncertainty and labor shortages still dominate day-to-day operations.

The three explored what good management looks like, effective outside-the-box retention strategies, how employee retention improves the guest experience, and how online shopping improves both the guest and employee experience. Throughout the one-hour webinar Chris and Cheryl shared success stories about how they have built and retained their teams, and both grocery leaders agreed: When you take care of your employees, they take care of you and your business.

Watch the webinar

Key takeaways from the session included:

1. Good management requires applying best management practices, attracting lasting talent, inspiring employees, and helping them succeed. From their first day on the job, employees need a good onboarding experience, clear sets of expectations and the right tools to complete their jobs well.

2. Retaining employees today takes outside-the-box retention strategies that go above and beyond to address employee needs and concerns. Now more than ever, employers need to go the extra mile to retain great employees, and that means thinking through how the jobs align with and provide a better work-life balance employees seek. Some ways grocers are doing this include: creating flexible work shifts & work weeks, providing benefits & supportive services, offering bonuses or incentives more frequently instead of once a year.

3. Consumers expect food retailers to help employees, community, and simultaneously be actively taking steps to be more sustainable. Gen Z and Millennials prefer to work at companies with strong sustainability agendas and are willing to spend more with food retailers who support their community and environment.

4. Increased employee happiness reflects a supportive work environment and that creates a more pleasant guest experience. When employees are happy on the job it shows in the work they perform and their engagement with customers.

5. Ecommerce makes it incredibly convenient for your guests to shop and also increase your overall store transactions. Customers can continue to shop with your store even when you are not open and it allows you flexibility to scale order fulfillment around employee schedules in store.

6. Rosie Online Support provides direct support to both your shoppers and your team and that helps your employees deliver delight to your customers. Rosie customer service provides support to both the retailer and customer. Our support team is an extended support infrastructure for your team and your customers.

Watch the webinar

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