Apr 11, 2022

Meet Alicia Horton

Quite frequently, we hear from our retailers partners  just how much they love working with Rosie. They appreciate our service, support, and dedication to helping them succeed at providing an online shopping experience for their customers.

Enter Tier 2 Support, this is our support team who works with retailers. Rosie’s Tier 2 team is led by Alicia Horton.  Alicia and her team diligently work behind the scenes to make sure the retailers’ online store and their point-of-sale(POS) providers’ systems are communicating with each other smoothly day in and day out.   We recently  had a chance to sit down and chat with Alicia and learn more about Tier 2 support and what they do to help retailers.

You were recently promoted as Tier 2 Lead, can you tell us more about what you do in your role at Rosie and how you deliver delight?

Alicia: Tier 2 handles a lot of the technical configurations for stores. We do the initial setup to get store data on Rosie’s site, but we also troubleshoot any data issues that arise. Most of our day is spent working with retailers and their POS providers to ensure that pricing and product information stays up to date. It’s hard to have a delightful experience when products or pricing are incorrect, so we strive to keep that data as accurate as possible.

What are some essential skills or qualities you bring to the role and to provide support for our retail partners?  

I think that the two most important skills in this role are the ability to problem solve, and the ability to have empathy. Most of this role is troubleshooting problems our retailers and customers may face, but we also have to be able to empathize with their experience. We have to be able to hear our users and find ways to make things better.

How does support fit into the bigger Rosie picture?

Support works on the front line of the Rosie team. The support team handles a multitude of customer and retailer issues every day, and they do such a great job of finding solutions for our users. The team is fantastic bringing together the rest of the Rosie departments to find the best path forward for our users. We also handle a lot of training on how to utilize Rosie to its fullest potential. Our Development and Quality Assurance teams ship such amazing software, but that software is useless if we don’t have a team to help users understand it.

When you encounter a frequent question or issue, what happens next?

Tier 2 gets the opportunity to work with Rosie’s Development and Quality Assurance teams frequently. If we experience recurring questions or issues, it often means there is something that can be improved upon within Rosie. We collaborate with those teams to find the best solutions for our retailers and customers.

Everyone has a different journey that led them to working at Rosie. What path led you here?
I studied Cognitive Science (a mixture of Computer Science and Psychology) in college, while also working at my local library. My job there was to help patrons navigate computers and troubleshoot basic issues. I knew that I wanted to continue working with computers after graduating, but I needed the human element to my career as well. Rosie ended up giving me the perfect mixture of problem solving to be entertained, but also outside communication so that I can continue helping people directly.

Naturally, we’re curious, what’s in your basket?
I love making omelets, so usually some variety of eggs, cheese, veggies, and meat. You can always find coffee in there too.