Jan 22, 2021

4 ways you can use Collections to build digital end caps that delight shoppers and grow profitability

What makes shopping with a local grocer so special often has much to do with the care and thought retailers like you put into the customer experience. When summer ends and the weather turns colder, shoppers know that fall is in the air when they’re greeted by displays of local apple cider and pumpkin spice baked goods as soon as they walk into their local grocery store. It’s these special touches that give your store its character and builds strong customer relationships.

At Rosie, we’ve developed tools in Shop that bring your unique brand experience online, from custom marketing panels to your very own category banners. Now with our latest feature, Collections, we’re introducing the ability to bring those displays of carefully curated products your customers love in-store to their online shopping experience.

Collections allow you to bring items from different departments together into one place, which your customers can access from marketing panels. Promote specific segments of your inventory, such as seasonal products, sale items, private label brands, or local specialties, while driving customers to discover new products handpicked by your team.

Collections doesn’t just translate the in-store experience online, it also makes what is impossible in-store a digital possibility. Consider an end cap in your store with simple breakfast options – cereals, oatmeal, and granola bars. Create a “digital end cap” with Collections and include the perishable items you wouldn’t be able to include in-store, like milk, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

Here are four ways to you can use Collections to build digital end caps that delight shoppers and grow profitability:

  • Seasonal occasions. Now you can fully curate your customers’ holiday shopping experience by taking the products you’d normally put on display in-store in a collection online. Make Fourth of July shopping so much simpler by putting the items your customers need, like hotdog buns, mustard, pickles and your house cut steaks.
  • Meal planning & recipes. You’ll be a lifesaver for customers who need a dinner plan when you put everything they need for a meal right on your shop’s homepage. From make-your-own pizza ingredients to everything for a delicious shrimp stir-fry, give your customers a helping hand by making shopping for meal ingredients a snap.
  • Local & specialty products. Put all of your homemade products together in one collection. If you have strong community partnerships, highlight local partners to make it easier for your customers to browse products. If your customer base goes crazy for plant-based protein or needs to find snacks that are gluten-free, save them the worry by building a Collection around their needs.
  • Vendor Sponsored promotions. Now more than ever brands want to ensure their products have high visibility on the digital shelf. Collections allows you to highlight vendor funded promotions online, which ensures shoppers receive the best offers when they shop at home or on the go, while also increasing your bottom line.
A Valentine's Day themed Hero panel and three marketing panels for Taco Tuesday, Plant Based, and Local Wine and Cheese Collections

In the example above, we’ve created four panels for each of these four suggested types of Collections:

  • Valentine’s Day, group together assorted boxes of chocolates, bouquets of roses, greeting cards, and sparkling wine.
  • Taco Tuesday. Gather ingredients for Taco Tuesday like salsa, taco shells, sour cream, and ground beef.
  • Showcase all of your vegan products like meatless proteins and plant-based milks to make meal planning easier for customers following a special diet.
  • Finally, promote the local wines and cheeses you carry for easy pairings.

The possibilities are endless. With Collections, your customers will appreciate the same care and consideration you deliver to them in-store all while enjoying the ease of shopping from home. By saving your customers time and helping them discover new products that are special to your store, using Collections and Marketing Panels strengthens the customer relationship and experience even from behind a computer.