Nov 4, 2021

Improve online product data, build bigger baskets!

Anyone who is an avid online shopper knows how critical it is to have easy access to accurate pictures and information for the products you’re hoping to buy online. Without this information, shoppers can’t make a well informed decision about that product, since they can’t see it for themselves in person. That’s where Rosie’s product data team comes in!

Product data is all the information about an item being purchased – product name, description, attributes, product image, and more. It gives customers an accurate idea of what they’re buying from an online transaction. There are several reasons why it’s essential to have quality product data, including offering a great customer experience and ensuring you aren’t missing out on sales due to inaccurate or missing information.

We’ve put together the three things independent grocers need to know about product data today and how it influences online sales.

Stronger product data yields more orders and larger baskets

Accurate product data makes a huge difference when it comes to sales. Most of your customers use search to find the items they want to buy, but if you have incomplete product data or abbreviated product titles, shoppers won’t be able to find what they’re looking for. For example, your store might shorten a cut of beef to “chuck flat iron stk,” but if a shopper searches “steak,” that product won’t come up and you might lose that sale. It’s important for product data to be accurate and complete so customers can easily find what they’re searching for.

Rosie is helping retailers generate more sales by making improvements to product data

Product data is a living, breathing thing that’s always changing and improving. That’s because Rosie’s Product Library is constantly being updated by retailers on a daily basis. Retailers can request updates to an item’s title, description, and pictures using the Product Editor, located in the Control Panel. Plus, Rosie’s Product Data Integrity Team works to ensure that product data is accurate and changes to images are quality and correct. This approval process helps retailers by making sure everyone can benefit from the improved description, title, or product image.

Integrations like Syndigo enrich the product data experience

Rosie integrates with Syndigo, which offers enhanced data that gives customers even more information about the products they’re interested in. This extra information includes things like recipes and ideas for how to use a product they may be unfamiliar with, like jackfruit or pomegranates. Rosie works to establish a retailer specific library for Syndigo product data, making it easy for retailers to add this extra information to their online store.

There’s nothing more important to a customers’ online shopping experience than trusting in the accuracy of the products they see online, and retailers who can give shoppers all the information they want and more will net more sales.

To learn more about integrating with Syndigo or how Rosie ensures product data integrity, reach out to our team to learn more!