Oct 25, 2021

How to promote and grow sales of your signature prepared foods online

For any independent retailer selling signature prepared food items and homemade meals this time of year, the goal is to outperform sales numbers from last year. Rosie retailers using Cater already know that selling these high margin prepared meal options are an excellent way to increase basket size on their own, but to grow sales it’s time to evaluate where you market. We’ve put together three strategies to promote your signature Cater offerings across digital channels to grab the attention of loyal customers and attract new ones along the way.

Hold a giveaway sweepstakes

Maintaining an active presence on Facebook and Instagram is a fantastic way to promote your products to followers, especially by using Rosie digital tools like direct linking. But your posts will only reach those customers already following you. To expand your reach, encourage your followers to participate in social media contests. For example, on Instagram post a picture of your holiday meal offering and instruct followers to comment on the post and tag two friends they’d invite to their holiday party for a chance to win a free meal. Not only will you have made a randomly selected winner very happy, but you’ve gotten potential new customers to learn about your store!

Try paid ads on social media

You probably do plenty of posts about your products, but have you ever considered pushing out Facebook ads to attract new customers? Just take it from one Rosie retailer who used paid ads on social media to market their $100 turkey dinners leading up to Thanksgiving. With the help of these social media ads, they ended up selling 10% of all turkey dinners online, far outperforming tactics they’d done in the past. Link to your Cater products in the ad and watch those sales pour in!

Make the local news

Do you run a charitable holiday promotion? Maybe a portion of the proceeds from your signature prepared meals sold during the month of November will get donated to a local food bank. Or you’re running a turkey drive. Whatever it is, make sure to share the news of your promotion with local newspapers, TV stations, or radio shows that have an online presence. This is a great way to capture some attention from customers who haven’t shopped with you who might be interested in playing a part in doing some good this holiday season.

These creative tactics are just a handful of ways to promote your Cater offerings to customers and beat the sales numbers you had last year. For even more examples of ways to promote your products, reach out to our team or revisit some of our other blog posts for holiday-related strategies.

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