Oct 19, 2021

Meet Jon Littlefield

The Account Management team at Rosie is responsible for nurturing, supporting and supplying our retailers with efficient strategies to help grow a successful online business. Jon Littlefield, Account Manager, is part of the team that makes retailers’ ecommerce dreams come true. Read on as Jon talks about what account management is and his secret to building relationships with our retailers.

How does account management work at Rosie and how is it useful to retailers?

Account managers serve as consultants of sorts to retailers as they manage and grow their ecommerce program. When retailers begin their ecommerce journeys, they may not know best practices or strategies to be successful. Account management guides retailers down the ecommerce trail, providing everything they need. We focus on providing successful methods that allow their service to continue running smoothly or drive returning customers to their store.

Sometimes, when retailers develop a pattern with the tools they use, they may forget about other resources that are beneficial, like promo codes or announcement panels. We remind retailers about existing tools while keeping them up-to-date on our newest programs, like online SNAP or our new store-branded mobile app.

My favorite part about account management is watching retailers grow their business. I enjoy coaching retailers and watching them become more confident in ecommerce as they surpass milestones and reach revenue goals. Most of all, I love when I’m able to have strategic conversations with retailers and discuss how they can improve basket size, order volume, and reach the next level.

What’s your secret to building strong relationships with retailers?

It’s all about understanding the retailer’s business and what they want to achieve. I listen carefully and help their team develop a concise plan that will help meet specific goals. We help them understand their path to success through a series of questions: What are they hoping to achieve? What does success in ecommerce look like to them? If you are able to listen closely and work to understand their store, they will be inclined to take your suggestions and build a partnership because your mindset will be in-line with their business and its unique needs.

What has been your most successful project or accomplishment at Rosie?

The moment when I feel the most successful is when a retailer that was having trouble and doubts about whether ecommerce was for them, gains the understanding and confidence they need to find success. My ultimate goal is to change their mindset and perspective on how they approach ecommerce. It’s gratifying when they fully understand how being present online will benefit their business now, as well as in the future. Venturing online can be overwhelming. I find success when I’m able to help a retailer say “Yes, I can do this,” and they feel comfortable taking advantage of everything Rosie has to offer.

What are your top three favorite foods to add to your Rosie cart?

Diet Coke, tater tots, and romaine lettuce.