May 11, 2021

Meet Stephanie Bush

In the past few months, Rosie has seen exciting changes: new software rollouts like one-click checkout and deep linking, closing $10 million in Series A financing, and adding new hires to our growing team. But we’ve also seen some shifts in the company, with several key promotions and opportunities for growth within our Rosie family.

One of these latest promotions from within was for Stephanie Bush, a hardworking member of our Support team who recently joined the Onboarding team as an Onboarding Specialist. We sat down with Stephanie to find out how she’s bringing her curiosity and passion for Rosie to her new role.

When and why did you initially start working at Rosie?

I started working with Rosie in August of 2020. Previously I managed coffee shops for 15 years, but when most of them closed, I looked for a remote customer service job. The Support Team at Rosie was that perfect fit, and I joined as a Tier 1 Customer Support agent handling chats, solving tickets, and answering customer and retailer questions. From that experience I learned  a lot about what customers and retailers ask questions about and need help with.

What’s it been like transitioning to a new role within Rosie, and why did you want to make the switch?

In my support role, I was asked by the onboarding team to help with product data tasks. This allowed me to cross train and learn about how Rosie handles product data. When a new position in the onboarding department opened up, I thought it would be a good way to use those skills I’d cultivated. Since joining the team, everyone has been extremely supportive. At first, talking to our new retailers was daunting, but with my team’s support it’s been really easy to communicate with them. I’m also able to assure retailers that if they have questions later after completing onboarding, our support team will be able to assist them down the line because I know first hand how hard our support team works.

What do you always look forward to when you start your workday?

The onboarding team has a huddle every morning where we communicate what we have going on that day. I really enjoy that time because even though we’re all working remotely, the team feels close and it’s a reminder that we can all support each other.

Of the five Rosie values, which one most closely represents your work mantra?

Definitely team oriented because everyone in onboarding plays a part in bringing a retailer on. If I ever have questions about technical integration or product data integrity, I know those team members will help me with anything I need. There are also strong mentors who have been excellent resources during this training process.

Finally, what do you currently have in your Rosie cart?

Ingredients to make salsas and guacamole! I always have that stuff on hand.