Nov 20, 2019

Rosie and First Data Forge Nationwide Partnership To Reduce eCommerce Costs

Retailers, Wholesalers, and Vendors Team Up to Increase Online Grocery Profitability via Nextgen Payment Processing

Rosie and First Data have launched a next generation payment processing solution to drive down the cost for grocers to provide eCommerce to online and mobile shoppers. Rosie and First Data will have this solution deployed across all four continental time zones by the end of Q3 2019.

“The rollout of the First Data and Rosie integration creates an even more efficient platform for our retailers. We’re excited to see this project translate into cost savings,” said Bob Obray, CFO of Associated Food Stores. Online shoppers will see no functional difference once a store begins to use the First Data Rosie integration. They enter their credit/debit card credentials and can place their order in an instant.

“The message is clear: financial viability of eCommerce starts with increasing order flow and by trimming costs. This new solution cuts costs and makes the service more cost efficient for everyone,” shared John Alston, president and CEO of Brookshire Brothers Inc., a Rosie retailer participating in the program.

“Our integration and strong partnership with Rosie will provide grocers with a big cost savings today as well as many other payment options in the near future,” explained Dave Conroy, senior vice president National Accounts at First Data.

Wade Judd, senior vice president and CIO of Associated Food Stores, shared, “This process allows for streamlined integration and seamless processing. Our retailers enjoy a cost savings and our accountants have an easier time reconciling revenue. This is a win-win for our organization.”

Nick Nickitas, CEO and co-founder of Rosie added, “By harnessing First Data’s state-of-the-art payment processing technology we can level the playing field to enable independent grocers to compete with national chains. Our partnership with First Data unlocks massive cost reductions for our partners and is our latest step in building the best online shopping that helps independent grocers compete and win.”

To learn how Rosie and First Data’s next-gen technology platform can save you money as your grow your online shopping program, visit this page.