Nov 20, 2019

News Release: Rosie Announces Record Retailer Partnerships and Employee Growth in Q2


Rosie, the industry leading online grocery shopping platform for retailers and wholesalers nationwide, has doubled in size to support the growing number of retailers being onboarded to the Rosie platform since the beginning of March.

Mar-Val Food Stores, a ten-store chain based in California, is one of the recent retailers who have joined Rosie in providing online shopping for customers. Rosie partners with hundreds of independent retailers representing thousands of stores nationwide and their wholesalers to provide a comprehensive ecommerce solution including delivery services, integrations with industry-leading partners, and deep data services.

“With online orders at an all time high, we appreciate guidance from the Rosie team every step of the way,” said Casey Rodacker, Mar-Val Supervisor and Buyer. “Their commitment to our success allows us to support our communities during this time.”

In 2020, Rosie saw a 900 percent increase in stores signed during the pandemic versus pre-COVID-19. Led by a core leadership team, with CEO and co-founder Nick Nickitas at the helm, Rosie’s focus has been on building out the company’s technology and customer success teams to proactively support industry growth. Earlier this year, Nickitas was awarded Progressive Grocer’s GenNext Award, a designation honoring those disrupting the future of food retail.

“Our rapid short-term growth is testament to the industry’s response to COVID-19 and the need for online shopping,” said Nick Nickitas, CEO and co-founder of Rosie. “Our retailers have spoken: ecommerce is no longer an added value but an expected necessity. In the coming weeks, we’re focused on strategically growing our team in a way that supports our various partners, and is key to fulfilling our mission.”