Dec 10, 2020

News release: Rosie Launches Shop: A Brand-New Online Shopping Experience


Rosie, the leading ecommerce solution for independent retailers and wholesalers, announced today the launch of a brand new online shopping experience, Shop. This release marks the first phase of an all-new, leveled-up Rosie platform for desktop and mobile.

Shop is designed with best-in-class technology, retailer merchandising capabilities, and is based on next-gen UI/UX best practices.

“Shop is exactly what our customers expect from us in terms of a modern, easy-to-use online shopping experience,” said Alexa Dash, Director of Ecommerce and Marketing of Dash’s Market in Buffalo, NY. “The marketing panels are an incredible tool for us to showcase our specialties and draw our customers to the products and categories we want to highlight. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the ways Shop will impact our online revenue.”

“The release of Shop cuts to the heart of our mission to create moments that deliver delight,” said Nick Nickitas, Founder and CEO. “Shop delivers on our promise to retailers by innovating around user experience, utilizing the best technology available, and equipping retailers with unparalleled merchandising functionality unlike anything else in the market.”

Retailer-controlled merchandising

Shop provides retailers with prime marketing real estate where they can create a unique, dynamic, and easily updatable digital merchandising experience. Retailers can manage the look and feel of their online store with easy-to-use branding capabilities that capitalize on seasonality and major events.

A transformed shopper experience

The modern look and feel of Shop is designed with the shopper in mind to provide a one-of-a-kind customer experience. Dynamic front page content, managed and designed by retailers, sends customers on a shopping journey beyond just scrolling through products, through an opportunity to experience gorgeous merchandising displays that highlight seasonality or specific events.

Best-in-class technology

Shop is built on Angular, a modern codebase used by leading Fortune 500 companies. This advanced platform enables Rosie to produce even faster development cycles and iteration of features, enabling Rosie to build it’s team with the best software developers on the planet who can take advantage of the latest technology and offer a cutting-edge ecommerce program for Rosie’s retailers.

“This project has been a collective effort from our development and customer success teams, as well as the retailers who partner and rely on Rosie to push their business to the next level,” said Jess Richman, SVP of Product & Design. “Our ability to be agile and turn constructive feedback into new product iterations is what makes a launch like Shop truly special for our team, retailers, and their customers.”

Since the company’s inception in 2013, Rosie has built relationships with hundreds of retailers nationwide, standing by a mission of delivering smart, delightfully easy online groceries. Through strategic partnerships across the country, Rosie connects independent retailers with new customers through an agile, ecommerce platform.