Dec 10, 2020

News release: Rosie Brings Meal Solutions, Speciality Sandwiches and Custom Catering Online with Launch of “Cater”


Rosie, the leading ecommerce solution for independent retailers and wholesalers, has launched Cater, a brand new platform for independent retailers to sell meal options and catering solutions with online shoppers. Cater seamlessly integrates with Rosie’s online shop, allowing retailers to add the Cater module to their existing online site, create a separate Cater micro-site, or utilize both.

“Rosie recognizes that some of the most unique products are crafted by local retailers and we wanted to bring those specialty prepared foods online,” explained Nick Nickitas, Founder & CEO. “With Cater, retailers can sell and shoppers can easily customize items like sandwiches, party platters, and birthday cakes so they  get exactly what they want at home, or on the go.”

Cater offers retailers two new features that help independents serve their customers and differentiate from the competition: product modifiers and custom lead time capabilities. Product modifiers enable customers to select from retailer-controlled options that match their personal tastes and preferences, from choice of cheese and deli meat for a sandwich to flavors for a dozen cupcakes. Optional allotment of additional time allows for store planning, preparing, and packaging, so orders are ready in a timely manner.

“One of the reasons our customers choose to shop with us is our prepared food options and the flexibility to mix and match their meals,” said Corry Lankford, Director of Ecommerce at Brookshire Brothers. “With Cater, customers now have the ability to completely customize their meal online exactly as they would in our store. Plus, with additional lead times, we can ensure that hot meals are the perfect temperature by the time their groceries are ready for pickup.”

“Our team could not wait to get our hands on Rosie’s Cater solution,” said Thomas Horne, Senior eCommerce Lead for Associated Food Stores. “As independents, we are always looking for ways to promote specialized products that our customer base can’t get from the big brands – a fresh meal that might be chicken and sides to an individually crafted sub-platter.”

Since the company’s inception in 2013, Rosie has built relationships with hundreds of retailers nationwide, standing by a mission of delivering smart, delightfully easy online groceries.  Through strategic partnerships across the country, Rosie connects independent retailers with new customers through an agile, ecommerce platform.