Dec 29, 2020

Recap of The Rosies: Award-winning advice for the New Year

At Rosie, we want to help our retailer partners be the best they can be, and our Fireside Chat series has served as a way to educate and share best practices. For our last Fireside Chat of 2020, we wanted to recognize the spectacular work of 11 Rosie retailers in our industry’s first ever awards program especially for independent grocers: “The Rosies.”

These awards are an opportunity for our independent retailers to learn from one another and put into action some of the best practices from our most successful retailers. We’ve put together some of our favorite pieces of advice that our Rosie award winners shared during the December Fireside Chat.

  • Grab your customers attention with eye catching marketing panels in Shop. Show off the products and services you offer that differentiate you from your competitors. Use images you’ve taken of your own speciality items, like Cater products, so your customers who may or may not be familiar can see exactly what you have to offer.
  • When it comes to social media, give your customers an opportunity to see your products in action by posting recipes or meal ideas. Showcase local products and partnerships through behind-the-scenes videos at a nearby farm or brewery, to give an authentic view of the product.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to local partners in the same industry– customers like having a variety of options and choices. When marketing local products and partnerships, emphasize the economic, environmental, and health benefits of purchasing locally.
  • To boost your sales, open as many slots as possible and adopt a “come one come all” approach by accepting the challenge of fulfilling as many orders as you can. Repurpose staff from slower departments, and be sure to show appreciation to your staff who are willing to try out a new skill.
  • Make your pickers lives easier by mapping your store on Rosie, improving productivity by allowing pickers to fulfill orders quickly. This is especially helpful when you’re fulfilling orders during busy times.
  • Monitor out of stocks – this should be a team effort! If you think you’re out of a product in one section of the store, ask team members to check all displays and other areas of the store where that product might be.

We’re looking forward to another successful year with our partners, and with these tips we know you’ll exceed your goals in 2021. Who knows? Maybe next year you’ll be sharing your own tips and tricks as you accept your Rosie!