Feb 27, 2022

Rosie Launches First Retailer-Branded Mobile App For Independent Grocers

Ithaca, NY (February 27, 2022) – Rosie, the industry leading online grocery shopping platform for local retailers and wholesalers nationwide, announced the launch of their first retailer-branded mobile app for independent grocers. The first retailers to launch on the Apple and Google Play stores with their branded app are Crop’s Fresh Marketplace, a single store operator located in Pennsylvania, and Gerrity’s Supermarkets located in Pennsylvania with nine locations. Rosie is on pace to launch 75 more grocery stores by the end of first quarter with its new white label mobile app solution.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to extend the Crop’s experience and brand to mobile shoppers with Rosie’s help,” explained Chad Cropper, Director of Operations at Crop’s. “Our customers love the convenience of shopping from their phone, and now we can offer our signature experience in a way that’s familiar to them.”

Rosie’s retailer-branded apps are built with independent grocers in mind, designed to be operated and managed by local grocers, not software developers. This allows independent retailers to maintain control over their brand across the omnichannel shopping experience, from in-store to desktop, and finally, mobile.

“We’ve found over 50% of customers shopping on Rosie ecommerce sites do so on mobile, and conversion rates are three times higher than on desktop,” shared Dave Makar, Rosie’s Chief Customer Officer. “We believe it’s time for retailers to embrace their very own on-the-go option for their shoppers, and Rosie is giving them the tools they need to fully own ecommerce while putting their brand front and center.”

These retailer-branded mobile apps will allow independent retailers to:

  • Offer their customers an app in familiar branding without requiring a background in app development or coding
  • Reach customers with mobile marketing tools and digital merchandising
  • Integrate current partnership systems, including POS, loyalty, ecommerce, and more

“Retailer-branded mobile apps will pave the way for Rosie to establish itself as the digital front-end of grocery. Our products are open to independent retailers who want to run the digital side of their business effectively on modern tech. Now Rosie is solving these retailer’s mobile needs and giving them the competitive edge they require,” stated Nick Nickitas, Founder & CEO of Rosie.

Early in 2021, Rosie completed a $10 million round of Series A funding, enabling the team to introduce new tools to enhance the shopper and retailer experience, launch new products to provide a seamless omnichannel journey for shoppers at home, in-store, or on-the-go, further invest in monetization opportunities to increase retailer profitability, and recruit the best and brightest talent to accelerate product development.